X-Plane 11 Screens



e.g. I saw Anahim Lake here in ’ File of the Day ’



I just lurk around on the front page of X-Plane.ORG each day. A lot of the files are junk…or at least maybe not the finest of offerings…but every so often some really nice scenery or aircraft files pop up.


This looks like the airport in that scenery…!


I like how casually the boat just sits there next to the runway.


Mmm…delicious vapor trails…


Govt conspiracy… :wink:


Enjoying that 43IG (Grayland Intergalactic) scenery…!


Nice ones Beach. :slight_smile:



Wow… version 11.30 really does bring the sim to life.


Care to elaborate a little bit Chuck_Owl?


Wingtip vortices, heat blur on engines, contrails that aren’t just grey puffs… that sort of stuff.


Cool. That’s a pretty screen BTW.


Is anyone suffering from flickering when looking at the sun when it is within a couple of hours of the horizon (in VR)? For me, it is a strobe effect and might be due to some small overclocking of my GPU.


The latest addition to my X-Plane hangar…


I’m not seeing that on my system. Hope you get it figured out.


I loved RealAir’s Sf.260 for FS. Been waiting for this one. How is it in VR?


Really nice in VR except that some of the labels are quite small and the default VR cockpit view position isn’t quite right (IMHO). It’s a fun little airplane with a flight model that seems believable. The airplane is not on rails, so you definitely have to fly it. I will dig more into the systems etc today hopefully.

I just can’t get enough of the OrbX True Earth scenery! I can hardly wait for the Central and North regions, not to mention the PNW.


Yes that scenery does look beautiful. Suffolk is in the South region I presume? Would love to tour that area where I lived as a wee lad.


It certainly is Dan. I’ll post up some screenshots of the area. Any particular airfields or towns you are particularly interested in?


After telling you I don’t have this issue, I took a flight this afternoon, and sure enough, the sun was strobing. Weird, and kind of annoying!