X-Plane 11 Screens



That’s good news to me actually. Sorry.


No, don’t be. This means the problem is not with your system. I’m sure Laminar will fix it at some point.


I’ve had that issue too





Have you shut them both down and autorotated it yet? Fun stuff…


Looks fun :slight_smile: I have to figure out ( search this forum / web ) how to capture desktop to create videos ( so you can see me crashing some helos :wink: )

Btw your autorotation was not ’ according to the books ’ I would say but in the end all the small departures sumarized and not sumed up on you so in retrospec it was greatly executed :slight_smile:


Recording software these days usually comes with the graphics card.

Nvidia cards can use Shadowplay,
AMD cards can use ReLive.


btw @Sryan it was almost perfect post, almost… you created 766 th post :slight_smile:


Dang! maybe @BeachAV8R can move his post to be above mine???


just noticed this cool looking airport in JustFlight video… need to download Ortho for that place


Here I am flying out of Courchevel once a few years back. It was an exciting end to my trip there…


Woah, and you had the opportunity to fly the Junkers PC-6! The infamous Porka…or the Stuter…can’t remember.
Lucky you :smile:


…and you should see my girlfriend on that trip…


The current Carenado sale was too good to ignore…


I always considered the 1900D as what you get when you take a beautiful aircraft design (the King Air B200) and then let the engineers make it ‘better’, resulting in kind of an ugly duck… but it’s kind of growing on me…


Yes, indeed it does. I haven’t flown it in a while, but if you find that it behaves badly in ground effect, there is an easy edit to give the horizontal stabilizers more authority.


Thanks Dan, I’ll fly it some more and if I find the ground effect unrealistic I will come knocking for details of that edit.

I’m getting a nice collection of aircraft suitable for hauling freight now. In my virtual hangar I have the C207, C208, Quest Kodiak, Piper Navajo, and the B1900. That should keep me going in Air Hauler for quite some time!


How is the Skymaster?
Especially concerning realism in cockpit modeling and the flight model.