X-Plane 11 Screens


Yes indeed… Carenado’s PA31 Navajo. A nice little freight hauler :wink: .


Hi Paul, I saw your screen shots of Bela Coola and BC scenery. How was your fps in that region? I flew a Cub (freeware), and only got 50-60 on 2D screen (1440p) and less than 30 in VR with i7-8700k @5ghz 1080ti 32g ram. No add-on scenery or hd mesh. It’s it because of the terrain? Wanted to get the Bella Coola airport. But this kind of fps would make it miserable.


For VR I crank the settings down but then replay the flight at maxed out to get the screenshots. Even so, the Bella Coola airport scenery looks great in VR and fairly smooth. You just have to be ruthless with the settings.


Hmm… Ok. Feels like a bit of beating the purpose with “ruthless” low setting :smirk:
I’ll give it a try. Just wondering if I’m missing something tuning the system. Thanks Paul :smile:


You can start off ruthless, and then tweak it back up. I found the VR image quality to be quite decent. I have found the biggest thing to knock down is the object density.

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I’ll try that. Guessing all the trees and the terrain were taxing. Above Oregon where there are also a lot of mountains, I got 80+ 2d /30+ VR, which is not that good, but bearable. 20s is just to low. Flying low in the valleys may have an impact as well?


Testing single engine climb gradients… :fearful: (Yes, I got it feathered!)


The latest release from VSkyLabs (and their most expensive aircraft to date), the Icon A5.


Very nice!


I can see my boat from here!

I downloaded the mid-atlantic states z-ortho stuff. The is the Hampton River (creek) and the Hampton Yacht Club piers. My boat has been berthed in that slip for years.

I finally got the z-ortho stuff working…I think. I down load the torrents file, then do the torrents download, then unzip and finally do the whole JPG to DDS conversion via batch file (which took hours!)…and all my airport buildings disappeared…and t looks nothing like @PaulRix’s screen shots above…


My old favorite watering hole from back in the day is a bit further to the right in that shot, across the Bridge Street Bridge.


The sports bar?


There is a little utility to speed up the processing by spreading the work over CPU and GPU. Can’t look it up right now, because I’m in a content sensitive environment. But links are in the prebuilt orthophoto scenery page.

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I have to admit that I haven’t made any attempt to create my own Ortho scenery. It seems like a lot of work and you need a good internet connection, not to mention a lot of HDD space. That means I just go with payware packages, which can get a bit pricey if you are not careful. When it comes to X-Plane, fiscal responsibility is something I can’t really be accused of :crazy_face: .


Was that covered in Frog’s guide? I need to reread all that.

Marker 20. Basically lived there for two years.


Actually it was freeware download from this:

I got pretty used to how FSX does stuff…XP11 seems a bit easier but…

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We go to Marker 20 for VU basketball game watches. The owner is a HYC member.


Really nice use of the new gallery thingy Paul - thanks for trying it!


I have been hearing so many good things about the Hotstart TBM900 . Today my resistance crumbled.


A few more. It is a most impressive aircraft. I’m still getting to grips with it, but the attention to detail is outstanding.