X-Plane 11 Screens

Bob Roll has turned up his nose at you. All his research into all the historical artifacts and buildings during this wonderful HD helicopter journey…and you…you just put him on audio?? Oh…the humanity…


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I emailed the dev and he replied last night. He found a bug with the EMB200 spraying in all mission types except crop dusting. I haven’t tried firefighting with any other airplane or helo, yet.
He sent me a preliminary patch (1.03) and it works now. :+1: Income increasing and fires going out. He asked me to not post the patch link so I’ll respect that. We should see it on the org store updates section, soon.

Now, is anyone good with modding XP files? I want BIGGER fires! :fire: :fire: :fire:


I’ll go one worse than that! I love the Roll and Liggett show but commercials are forbidden in our house. We have been without cable for many years now and I just can no linger tolerate them. So we are subsisting on the more sedate ad-free coverage. Drifting further: same complaint about Lance and Hincappie. The product plugs are one third the show.

Yeah…I’ve become an expert at the SKIP 3 MINUTES forward feature on the NBC SN app. I have the option of watching the ad-free coverage, but I do enjoy the banter between Bob and Phil, and the occasional throw back to the studio to see if Christian and Horner are wrestling on the floor with fingers locked around each other’s throats. But if I see another Zwift advert or insurance commercial I’ll put my thumbs in my eyeballs.

It is doubly annoying since I’m paying for the Cycling Gold package or whatever…it would be nice if they could just go to blank screen during advertisements or just have no commentary but full screen during the commercials.

And yes, the Move is definitely largely Next Venture Capital’s commercial outlet…but the stuff between it is pretty darn funny.

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I go back and forth between the two coverages, also making use of the skip button. It’s really hard to image that we have Phil Liggett in the States. I first listened to him and Paul back in the late 80’s during Lemond’s last win on Eurosport when I moved to Europe. NBC had coverage which I could get on Armed Forces TV (over the air) and cable, but it was Al Troutwig. He tried to educate the neophyte American audience (self included), but I found myself going back to Eurosport and the Phil and Paul coverage, which was infinitely better. Then I think ESPN absorbed Eurosport, which in turn was gobbled up by ABC. But I’m clueless on how the hell it got to NBC.

Anyway, Phil is an institution and we are blessed to have him. Miss Paul, as I’m sure many of you do. Bobka? I met him on top of Brasstown Bald (beyond H category climb) during the Tour de Georgia. He is a super nice guy and pretty damn big to be a cyclist. Have a photo somewhere with arms around each other. Funny as hell.

Obligatory XP screen shots.


One of my dream planes! That and the Staggerwing. Both were designed for the same audience: corporate customers back when business aviation was very much a new concept. Lovely, lovely.


Continuing the round the world tour with Heritage Concorde 001

Landing at Male, Maldives (VRMM)



Didnt know that Vision Jet in XP11 has working rescue parachute.

But was quite surprised with the outcome after touch down…

…until I saw this video, quite a rush!



Reliving childhood fantasies…



So sad the real helicopter didn’t survive. Crashed in 1992 in Germany.


Is that the CowanSim 222? How do you like it? And in VR?


I’m hearing the theme song as I looked at your post.


Yes, it’s the Cowan 222. It looks good, and flies nicely, at least from what I saw from just a couple of flights last night. I haven’t done a cold and dark start yet. Shutting the beast down at the end of the flight was a bit involved, but that was just because I’m unfamiliar with the cockpit layout for the most part.

I purchased the 222UT earlier this year, and for some reason I was under the impression that the 222B would just be an update to that product, but no, if you want the wheeled version, you have to buy it. I wanted the wheeled version of course. At least you get a discount if you have the 222UT already. To be fair, the combined price is $40 and I have spent that much on other XP aircraft.

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Oh wow that’s a cool skin. I did the same as @Navynuke99. The theme tune is now stuck firmly in my head.

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More self indulgence… in search of ‘The Lair’…


Hmm, I thought also that it would be just update.

But anyway, she looks really good!

Is that monument valley?

In that case you would be around 40 miles off to the south west. AFAIK, the Lair scenes were filmed in the “valley of the gods”, Utah.

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Finally logged some L-29 hours in my virt logbook. Didnt touch her since the purchase in May :shushing_face: