X-Plane 11 Screens

For the price, I thought it was an excellent addon. The cockpit looks great in VR.

I think the same, great value for the money. I own also Bf109 and MiG15 from MLADG. MiG15 still waits for her maiden flight though :blush:

So many great modules, so little time… ( I mean still the same amount of time but so many activities :slight_smile: )

KAVX Catalina

Awesome! How does it compare with the L-39? An obvious predecessor?

Thats a question for @PaulRix. I dont own L-39, yet.
But from my perspective, L-29 is super simple jet trainer. Its actually something like post WWII trainer plane where piston engine was replaced with jet engine. Great fun.

Was considering buying L-39, but man, it would be great to have all favourite planes in one single sim. Not to have three sims to fly all the planes.

Wish MLADG create L-39 for XP. And somebody could do the Mi-8 also. Then I can abandon DCS :sunglasses:

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I don’t have an L39 for X-Plane, just for DCS, but a side by side comparison of data on Wikipedia suggests the L39 is faster, carries a greater load, and has significantly greater range. The L39 uses a turbofan engine while the L29 is a straight jet. So all in all, the L39 is a significant upgrade over it’s predecessor.

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