X-Plane 11 vs FSX/P3D/FSW

It’s been tough lately being an XP11 pilot trying to keep up with all of the updates, especially when they keep breaking your favorite twin turboprop that you are trying to nurse all the way to Christmas Island. Add to that questions about why a certain module or add-on hasn’t been ported to the XP, and what about FSW?

If you are a fan of Carenado/Alabeo products, you might be familiar with X-Plane.org commercial developer danklaue. He appears to be the lead conversion specialist when porting their aircraft to XP11. It is also interesting how many aircraft that he seems to have his hands on, including Just Flight’s PA28 Arrow and the Thranda Kodak too. Sort of a mercenary it seems.

I found this recent post interesting.

Yes, that list is not exhaustive, and it is difficult to point out ALL the differences between the Simulators themselves. (Besides, these keep changing).

All we’re trying to point out here is, that to many “doubters”, both developers and end-users, this list should help people see that X-plane is a force to be reckoned with, and that if you CAN establish a business on this platform, as Carenado, Alabeo, PMDG, Just Flight, and others may currently be considering doing, there may be challenges to this initiative, but it is worthwhile.

And to end-users, the point should be made that X-plane has built-in features, and supports development initiatives that aren’t easily achieved on other sim platforms, and yields a more immersive and high-quality end-user experience, even for a product of the same price point

This was in response to an earlier linked comparison chart between a couple of different versions of the Arrow.


The original thread…

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It really is tough. Not to mention developer’s are coming out with v2 and v3’s of their aircraft and there is no consistency in how they name them, give them version numbers, or even how they notify their customers of the releases (and discounts for further purchases). I have to admit I do like the way the JAR planes auto-update (Shade Tree Micro Aviation does the same thing) once you load them in the sim. A little box pops up and says “oh hey there is a new version of this…” or something like that. I love having that information presented TO me instead of me having to go FIND it (if I have the time to even look for it).

Yes, his project list is impressive - he must not sleep!

I just submitted an article to PC Pilot a few weeks ago in which I was tasked to write a comparison article of the FSX/P3D version of the Arrow versus the XP11 one. The capabilities that developers can take advantage of in XP11 are simply awesome and I really do think the advantage has tilted in XP11s favor with all the things you can do with LUA and plug-ins (stuff I don’t understand).

The XP11 version of the Arrow is just fantastic all around.


Well there you go! The only civilian sim I own also happens to be the best. Hurray for confirmation bias!


With regard to the Kodiak and the general direction of Carenado & Co after 11.10 is released from beta, danklaue gave a interesting (for some of us) look into the life of a commercial XP developer. I had gathered from previous posts that they had decided to chuck in-house developed G1000 for the XP 11.10 version. But after reading this thread, not so sure. He does mention that although it’s been a steep hill to climb, that they feel like they are nearing the top and that future releases will have a more organized rollout.

FSX.exe has stopped working…