X-Plane AviTab Virtual Tablet

Looks useful, sort of a supercharged version of the default virtual iPad you get in X-Plane VR:

Integration with aircraft list (Zibo just works already, which is nice):

How it looks in a Bell 407, to give you an idea of how it works.


Does it come with tetris for those longer flights?


So I finally came across a plane with native AviTab compatibility (the VSkyLabs Tecnam P2006T) so I went ahead and downloaded AviTab and a Charlotte sectional chart…and it works! It is actually a pretty nifty little application.


Looks cool. But going the opposite direction, is there a way to hide the native iPad without grabbing it a clipping it under a seat?

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Not that I know of. I searched for how to do that a couple weeks ago because I was aggravated my iPad was showing up in my external screenshots… I wish they would make it an option in VR…

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I think Mi2 has also native compatibility

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I’ve been doing LOC/DME approaches in X-Plane in virtual flattality, and would like to take at least one PDF approach chart with me to virtual reality for the next flights.
Is Avitab the way to go? Can you not even load one pdf into the default VR tablet?

Also, is it even worth trying to use AviTab in an aircraft where it is not integrated into the cockpit?

I think the integration into cockpit doesnt mean anything.

AviTab can be always used as popup 2D window and it is much more readable that way. I recommend it.

You are lucky that I am still sitting in my L410 after landing somewhere in Australian Alps :slight_smile:
Here with the Charts page open ( I have no charts there yet )

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Thanks for your reply.
I want to use it in VR, so I guess I can’t see a 2D window in VR.
So what I meant to ask is: Do I need a plane with AviTab integration to use it in VR?

I dont VR but 2D ’ levitating ’ windows are not a problem in VR, are they ?

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Well…the easy answer is YES simply because it is a bit easier that way…with one exception. If you own the RealityXP GTN 750, you can also put the approach plate on that and it works great. Of course, the plane has to have GTN 750 compatibility.

There are some other answers, like importing a VR window into your cockpit with something like OVR Drop, but I haven’t messed with them lately. Using that technique you could import a window that had something like AirNav.com open with its IFR approach charts.

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This is pretty cool too…but for Oculus if you happen to have ForeFlite…

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Thanks for your replies @NEVO @BeachAV8R

That YouTube vid clearly shows how to put a levitating AviTab window in the VR cockpit, that’s exactly what I was wondering about.
The GTN750 seems very useful indeed. However, I enjoy the more old-fashioned cockpits more and would like to only use a radio stack and a chart ideally.
I have a WMR Odyssey so I guess that rules out Foreflight.

I do have OVRDrop, played around with it in Elite a few times. It does work, but something closer to an X-Plane native integration is definitely easier.
I will probably use AviTab as a floating window in X-Plane from now on.

EDIT: FYI, the Carenado Do 228 I am flying does have GTN750 integration, but no AviTab in the panel.

Yeah, I bought OVR Drop too and just sort of gave up on experimenting with it. Native integration is always easier. It’s hard enough to remember the order of operations for getting into most sims in VR without another extra step.

Are you sure here ? As with the AviTab isnt it just possible in VR to have that GTN 750 levitating as 2D window in any cockpit ?

I don’t think so…or at least, that hasn’t been my experience. If I pop-up the GTN 750 to a 2D window (or just turn it on as a 2D window), it appears on my desktop, but not in VR. I have not really dug deep into that though, so there may be a setting that allows for that. (?)

This thread seems to indicate it IS possible though now…I just never tried it because I didn’t realize they had changed the logic!

Oh it works, but seems to have s significant impact on FPS. I say “seems” because when use t with my Carenado Do228 it is appears OK (even with Washington HD scenery) but with the Carenado Cheyenne it stuttered a lot. In fact if I turned my head quickly, part of it was black for about ¼ second. Weird.

The other nice thing is tat you can Shift-Click with your controller to pop up a 2D window in VR - kind of like the XP map. That gets it close enough to really see everything and is very clear.

On the same thread subject, set of…I managed to get FSWidgets GMapHD (for Windows) inserted as a 2D screen in VR. You have to fiddle with the sized and zoom to get decent fidelity and if you close it, it is a pain to put it back in on the fly, as it were. It does not give you approach plates but does have some nice WX overlays, your flight path overlay and can link it up to show where you are.


My Challenger 300 also supports it, and I tried it today.
Nice plugin!

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