X-Plane Flight Factor A320 Ultimate

I love the Aerosoft Airbus on FSX, so this is interesting:

They say they are close to beta access, and that it’s going to be expensive and ‘ultra’ level in terms of system complexity and true to life training. I’m guessing $100+ at least the way they talk about it.

More details in the forum post above. Some screens so far:


I haven’t fully explored the JAR A320 yet, so my opinion doesn’t mean much. But if they can nail that fly-by-wire feel (where the plane just stays where it is pointed), coupled with X-Plane’s dynamic feel in both flight and ground…well, I’ll be $100 poorer.


OMG That is just amazing! :open_mouth:

Hang on, haaaaaaaaang on. there’s some glaring mistakes.

Its a Lufthansa skin, but in the previous picture qnh is in … :scream: inches of mercury… such dastardly behaviour :wink:
We in the modern world, use hectopascals… but you americans can hold on to your “eye of newt” measurements from yesteryear :imp:


Oh wow, that would be wonderful!

But, is it just me or is there something weirdly flat about that cockpit-pedestal screenshot?

Maybe just high contrast sunlight position to make it look prettier, but flattens the look too much?

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Perhaps, maybe not all the buttons are done yet?

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FBW should be the easy part. The behavior can be described in one page: Full lateral stick is 15deg/sec. Point and Shoot stops at 33deg of bank. At low AOA, full aft stick is 2.5 g and full forward is -1.0 g. As AOA increases, the software blends away g-demand in favor of AOA demand and trimming stops.

Then you simply have to account for Alternate Law with protections, Alternate Law without protections, Direct Law and Mechanical Backup.

OK…maybe not so simple. :laughing:


Get into multilayer with @BeachAV8R and turn 2 adr’s off. :smiling_imp:

Somebody studies every six months!

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I was a Check Airman on it 20 years ago. I haven’t even visited the cockpit of one since. But memories from my 20’s really seem to stick. Plus, that plane just makes sense. Intuitive design is hard to forget.

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Right on! But in my defense “Point and Shoot” was a way of saying “point and let go”.

RNAV and weather approach video:

Not convinced about the manual landing flight model there (not that I know, I sit in planes where I get to look out the side :slight_smile:), but I think this looks like XP10 rather than 11? Rain looks good though.

I think I never should fly a Airbus, I would just be too busy messing with all the systems to even bother ever landing, “What do you mean, we have a assigned slot, Will you watch the AP and ssseeee what it does when I push this stick a little further, also have you seen that CB behind your right leg? Yeah pull that in 20 seconds” :wink:

Would have liked to see a fully managed approach with preset alt constraints and speeds. But yeah, good to see rain effects.

A320 Autoland - do Airbus pilots get paid less, because there is less to do? :wink:

Seriously though, after years and years of Boeing only, now I know my way around the A320 this all seems really nicely familiar. I like the MFD upfront, plus the (relatively) decent FPS being shown in here too.

See that fold out tray table under the panel? That is where they count their money (or play Sudoku apparently)…


Oh…the brake squeal sound…!

Be interesting if you could type on that with your finger in FlyInside…