X-Plane - help me decide

With all the recent X-Plane talk, I am now seriously considering to start flying X-Plane.
There are only two problems: no money and no time. However, the first one can be solved by waiting a few months.
The second reason is really holding me back. I currently only fly DCS, and am lucky if I can get in one flight per week. This, combined with the fact that I already have way more aircraft than I am half-proficient with, has led to me not buying any more aircraft.

You can understand why I would hesitate to spread my simming time any thinner.

The main reason why I want to fly X-Plane is in anticipation of the Christmas flight. It would be really awesome to fly around my hometown of Leiden, and some vacation destinations, in a flight sim. This is not possible in DCS.

However, I am afraid of the huge amount of add-ons (because of money and troubleshooting) needed to actually get a halfway decent representation of an area and the (real-life) weather.

In conclusion, I want to fly around a half-way decent representation of specific places in Western Europe (mostly Holland) with real/realistic weather for as little money as possible. Depending on your estimations, I may or may not buy it (so little time to fly).

What are your thoughts on this?

Update: apparently X-Plane 10 is on sale for €25 now

What Christmas flight? LOL…(I’m just wrapping up the announcement - should be up tomorrow morning!) We are going South this year!

Let me think on your post tonight…and I’ll get back to you in the morning (well, our morning…lol…)

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Pretty much the same situation as @Freak here. I am still on the fence about XP-11 but I am not sure if it is worth it without addons that cost a sh**load of money…

The Netherlands look a bit under represented when it comes to addons in X-plane, it looks fine as is, beats FSX/2004 default scenery hands down though. But if you really want to fly around Leiden and land a 206 on the Kaasmarkt, or try a beaver in the Galgewater then you’d really need FSX with NL2000.


For the rest of the world I still think X-plane 10 default looks better then P3D/FSX, although the ORBX scenery($$$) solves a lot.

Found this for X-plane but it’s payware(EDIT: It’s not, I was wrong): http://asn-xp.aerosoft.com/?page_id=2618

Googling onwards I found some recommendations on how to improve VFR for The Netherlands in XP-10:

That scenery package has a bunch of interesting looking recommendations although I really cannot vouch for any of it since I have not tried em yet.

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There is also Ortho4XP that many people are using to give true satellite imagery (I guess) of their scenery area…but I know nothing about how it works or how it looks. I’ve not tried it.


Totally forgot about that one! It’s quite impressive really.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll browse through that over the weekend. Now I have to figure out how long the X-Plane 10 sale lasts.
Any opinions about X-Plane 11?

Still in beta, soon to be released.

Buying the digital download of xp10 from the x-plane site nets you xp11 at no extra cost, fyi. The steam sale doesn’t do that - you’d have to buy xp11 for full price on top of xp10. Just so you’re aware.

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Steam XP sale will last till Nov 29th. And there will be the steam christmas sale soon so no hurry here :slight_smile:
also starting the christmas flight little bit later will asure that your pictures will not be overlooked in the huge pile of others :smiley:

The other option is FSX, it is 5e on christmas sale (right now 12.5e) but as mentioned the default FSX scenery is not so good as XP. I have experience only with FSX, so I am looking forward to buy XP10.

My solution when I heve little spare time for virtual flying is to do only short hops :wink:

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