X-Plane Ortho4XP Guide



I have been making tiles for the UK and I used it ontop of the HD mesh V3
It makes a huge difference. I will try to post screens later to emphasise my point :smiley:
Along with


Ah yes, I was trying to remember that one! Cheers!


Here are some of the South Lake district with Ortho4xp and HD mesh, I tried the UHD mesh for the alps but don’t have enough memory to load it (Needs 16Gb I only have 12)

The last one is Derwentwater with Keswick in the distance


City of Den Helder, some parts just off screen are blurred though, military base and such things.


Wow, looks stunning!
Excuse me if I missed it, but where do you get W2XP? Is it just an option to tick in the process that our savior @fearlessfrog documented about Ortho4XP or something more?
Just got a new SSD to start trying these things, only need an extra SATA cable


I wrote up some W2XP stuff here, as a follow up guide:


It’s not hard, make sure to check load orders in the scenery config, and a a sea source! Also test at a low Z level to make sure it works! Let me know if you need any help, I figured it out thanks to frog’s guides!

Just a quarter of NL was 18 gig though, at Z18. I plan on vfr time though so it’s cool.


Thanks @fearlessfrog @TheAlmightySnark ! I will definitely look into that, for now the entire 250GB SSD is reserved for X-Plane. As soon as I get everything installed, the Christmas journey will be a priority, so just regular Ortho4XP should be good enough there.
After I’ve flown to Indonesia I will work on getting my home into X-Plane with the more detailed Dutch scenery


I might have to try to make my entire journey over water parts of the world to keep my Ortho4XP requirements to the lazy man’s limits…LOL…



Today I downloaded 26.6GB of Ortho4XP meshes of the Himalaya from Bing maps, Zoom Level 16, using the overlay from the AlPilotX HD mesh v3.
Before this, I had flown a bit with around Lukla for testing the HD mesh v3. It looked good, but not great.

This is my result with the Ortho4XP mesh:

Starting from Lukla, I get a nasty surprise. The mountains look great though.

After having flown around a bit and having landed just to the side of the airport, I see what the problem is: this mesh is indeed higher resolution than the HD mesh v3 one, just a little offset.

X-Plane put the runway just next to the actual runway in the textures and mesh. I.e. my overlay data don’t match my mesh and texture.

Is this fixed by re-buidling the mesh without the HD mesh custom overlay? @fearlessfrog
Trying that now, will get back to you

Update: I thought: “why not try a higher zoom level around Lukla airport?” so now I’ve started a huge texture download at Zoom Level 18, and I am not going to stop now, even though after -I guess- 10 minutes or something, I’m at around 10% download progress.
So you will hear from me tomorrow and I hope I won’t have to sleep through the sound of my case fans blowing. I know my girlfriend probably won’t approve, even if the download is almost done.

EDIT1: Surely Lukla is not misplaced in X-Plane itself?


So it appears Lukla’s position is programmed into X-Plane and not tied to the tile/overlay/whatever.
I should send those people from the link above a message I guess.
Orthophotos look lovely…

But the gear gets stuck if you do this:


From what I understand Orth4XP only grabs the graphical data from the real world. If XP has correctly matched the alignment and location of the runway you see no difference, some airports have a few meters of difference, this has to do with the data sources everything is drawing from. None of the other overlay’s fix the airports position.

You could try and see if a freeware Lukla is better aligned but frankly, it’s anyones guess.

P.S. should we do an informal Mudspike meet-up given that we are a stones throw away from eachother :wink: ?


Then you have the renumbering of runways, which throws another variable in the mix. That’s supposed to be easier to correct in XP11.10.


I don’t think so, as the mesh (height data etc) is still taken from the building process, and the AI HD Mesh is only being used for overlay data it contains I believe.

I’d guess that some ortho tile datasources either don’t have the same projection algorithm or aren’t super accurate in remote areas - it wouldn’t take much to show a runway mismatch in a photo vs XP thing it should be some place.


So I took after @BeachAV8R and decided to see if I could just put the Lukla runway in the correct place using World Editor. Only took 3 optimization passes!


So does it now have the correct variable slope?


FYI, Thomas Rasmussen has a couple of videos listing a bunch of prebuilt Orthophoto scenery. Hard drive manufacturers rejoice.


Nah I’ve just placed the runway in the right spot on the mesh.
The Lukla scenery that @TheAlmightySnark linked does have the variable slope.
But the description makes it very clear that it is not compatible with HD mesh.
I love my orthophotos with high-res mesh, and haven’t installed all of the object libraries yet so can’t give it a quick whirl.

If someone can try what the scenery is like with Ortho4XP, I’d love to hear from them.


Having landed there (as a passenger), I don’t recall it being all that far off the crazy crooked shot. :grin:


Did you trek around that area? It’s on my bucket list…