X-Plane Ortho4XP Guide



Yeah, come on - story time! :slight_smile:


Well kids it was long ago when I had lots of hair and my daughter was resting comfortably in her mommy’s tummy in Japan. Two friends with some mountaineering experience came up with a plan to climb Labuje East (at peak not far from Everest of about 21000 feet). It could be climbed without rope but we had opted for the much safer option of Sherpa and expedition support and fixed ropes. We hiked for several days until arriving at Gokyo where I got really sick. I hiked across Ngozumpa glacier anyway and I really thought I was going to die. And I would have had the heroic Mr. Gorjee Sherpa not walked my sorry a$$ all the way back to Namche Bazaar but not before I had written a twenty page goodbye letter to my wife.

Yes I was being a little overly dramatic at the time. I have a very low tolerance for suffering. GO! I don’t possess the English to describe it. You don’t need to climb a mountain. Just do the hike from Lukla to Namche and back and you will have visions of beauty and majesty that little else on this planet that I have experienced will equal. Continue to Gokyo and hike up Gokyo-ri (18000 feet IIRC). I am so grateful that I at least was able to do that despite puking and worse much of the way up. From the rocky peak you will have an amazing view of Cho Oyu in Tibet and Everest. By the way, my friends did make it up Labuje and said that the experience was breathtaking (perhaps literally).


Quick question - I’m dipping my toe into Ortho4XP, but with the premade stuff…and I’m just about to try (again) the step where I convert the JPG files to DDS files using the batch utility. With a 1080…should I be using my GPU to accomplish this or my CPU or a blend of the two? When I tried this earlier…it appeared when I split the duty 50/50 that my GPU smoked the CPU but I don’t really know what I was looking at.

These are the pre-made orthos I’m going to try: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36327-us-orthophotos/


GPU all the way - it’s like those DDS’s are mini bitcoins… :wink:


Wow, that prebuilt area coverage has really grown since I last looked!

More info for that here:


You…are correct Sir…! I finally read the…uh…readme:

If you have latest AMD GPU or 10th series of GeForce (1050,1060 and higher) convert2dds_by_GPU.bat is recommended
If you have very powerfull CPU like AMD Ryzen or i7 over 4.5 Ghz and Radeon GPU or older series of Geforce (750,950)
try both bat files first with one texture in separate directories for test and see which performs better
If its run slow make sure no other processes is affecting perfomance and check CPU affinity for texconv.exe,
should be selected for all CPU cores (use ProcessLasso for it for example)
Generaly GPU performs faster.


Yes…! Looks like I’m gonna have to thread the needle and fly though the Mid West… LOL…


Yeah, I must have just missed the Mid West addition LOL. Working my way West… before all we are flying is naval ops :smile:


Wow…holy cow…75GB for just the South area there after decompression. Gulp…I don’t know if an SSD would cut it…


Is a hybrid SSD/plate drive a good compromise for these file sizes…? Or will my performance suffer significantly?


I’ve not tried it with a spinny but it should be ok to at least try. You can hardlink back to a SSD if it pauses a lot.


I bought a 1 TB SSD drive for less than $300 solely for X-Plane11 and ortho photos. I use OvGME as a mod enabler, and keep my mods for all of the different sims on a 3 TB USB3 HDD. Win 10 is on annother 1 TB SDD. With the following ortho photo areas enabled, my X-Plane SDD is sitting at 653 GB:



I’m assuming there isn’t any good ortho scenery for Christmas Island?


Doesn’t look the best quality. The easiest way to check is just to try Google or Bing maps.


Is there any good scenery at all for Christmas Island?


Alrighty then. Just ordered a 6TB drive (regular HDD not an SSD) to deal with my Ortho-Addiction. Hopefully the data transfer in game won’t be a problem.


So I’ve downloaded and converted all of the sectors with red Xs - now I just gotta wait for my hard drive to get here (tomorrow!) to have a place to put them all. You can obviously see the corridor I’m taking across the central U.S.! Yes, I could use some symbolic links I suppose, but I like my directories all neat and pretty…


Pretty close to my plan, but heading to Jackson Hole after Salt Lake. Then will take P3D and Orbx from KJAC all the way to PANC. Probably back to XP11 then. Need to get some ROI :slight_smile:


Woot…! Ready to install my ortho…well, after I actually install the drive…


Surely Nebraska will be a more scenic state than Kansas, although my point of reference is The wizard of Oz and Westerns. Now about that 6Tb drive, add an M.2 drive and you get supersonic HDD speeds apparently. Frantically trying to find the source to back that up…