X-Plane Pacific Northwest Sceneries

For Washington State pilots - here was a list I compiled of some nice freeware airport sceneries for some of the places we might visit. This is not all of them - since that time Wookie1 and some other guys have come out with some more current strips - so your mileage may vary. Be aware that these add-ons likely require object libraries that you will need to find and install.

Keep in mind, these are user created, of varying quality, and some fields may be included in the X-Plane “Lego brick” database that adopts user creations. All of these should be placed above the ORBX scenery in the scenery.cfg loading order.

EDIT - Adding some additional ones in the vicinity:










July 8, 2020

July 14, 2020

July 18, 2020

July 20, 2020




Hope this helps some people get Washington State populated. If I’ve missed any important ones, let me know!


I broke this off from the Aeronautical Information Thread and will keep the first post updated with new airport scenery files that generally fit into the PNW area of the country. That may range from central California all the way up to Alaska and inland to Montana. If anyone wants one added to the thread, send me a message and I’ll put it in the list. Today I added four more:

  • Dog Leg (WA)
  • Kitselas Baker Field (BC)
  • Leo Creek and Takla Narrows (BC)
  • Green Acres Air Park (7OR6)

Added Cabin Creek (USFS I08, Idaho) to the above list:


Added Dillon Creek Bar…

Added another version of ID74 Sulphur Creek, Idaho…

Added Pistol Creek Ranch, Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho…

Added Soldiers Bar, Idaho (85U)…

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Added this airport package in the western edge of Canyonlands National Park in southeastern Utah. Not really the Pacific Northwest area - but definitely on the fringes of where some PNW pilots might want to wander.


  • Hanksville Airport (KHVE): elev 4453ft (09/27 & 17/35)
  • Angel Point: elev. 5287ft (11/29)
  • Below Buckacre: elev. 4592ft (N/A)
  • Happy Canyon (UT97): elev. 4941 (09/27)
  • Hidden Splendor: elev. 4819 (17/35)
  • Horseshoe Canyon: elev. 5290 (18/36)
  • Neilson Wash: elev 4701 (N/A)
  • Temple Mountain: elev. 5295 (18/36)

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Keep an eye out for John Wayne @BeachAV8R.


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Added ID8 - Marble Creek


Probably almost deserving of its own thread…but here are four San Juan Islands packages (see the updated list above) that the awesome author of a lot of the above listed sceneries has put together (Wookie1). I would highly recommend showing some love and sending him a Paypal donation for all the work he has put into these packages and the other single airports he’s made.

The package includes:

  • Allan Island Airstrip (Uncharted)
  • Blakely Island Airport (38WA)
  • Center Island Airstrip (78WA)
  • Crane Island Airstrip (Uncharted)
  • Crow Valley Airport (WA39)
  • Cypress Island Airstrip (Uncharted)
  • Decatur Shores Airport (WN07)
  • Decatur Jones Airfield (WA18)
  • Eliza Island Airstrip (WA93)
  • Friday Harbor Airport (KFHR)
  • Johns Island Airstrip (Uncharted)
  • Lopez Island Airport (S31)
  • Orcas Island Airport (KORS)
  • Point Roberts Airport (1RL)
  • Roche Harbor Airport (WA09)
  • San Juan Island Airstrip (Uncharted)
  • Shaw Island Airstrip (Uncharted)
  • Sinclair Island Airstrip (Uncharted)
  • Spieden Island Airstrip (Uncharted)
  • Stuart Island West (2WA3)
  • Stuart Island Airpark (7WA5)
  • Waldron Island Airstrip (90WA)
  • Windsock Airstrip (Uncharted)

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Looks like those would be some peaceful locations to just relax and watch the world pass you by in real life.


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I would love that. A Husky and some fishing poles and a tent…take the kids and just go get lost for a bit. Those Idaho Forestry Service strips look like a blast…used carefully though… Pack the bear spray!

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Make sure to read the notes though. There a couple incompatibility issues with TE and such. Nothing major and they’re documented.

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Added KMFR - Rogue Valley Airport (Medford), Oregon…looks nice!

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Also added these two that add to the Utah Hanksville Pack previously posted…these further expand that area by two more airports - Mineral Canyon and Caveman…

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Added Courtenay Airpark, BC, Canada…

Added Nine Mile Airport, Montana (MT52) by Wookie1…

That looks incredibly real! I guess it’s time to add Montana.

I made Montana with Ortho4XP since it was one of the areas that the Forkboy Orthos didn’t cover. Turned out pretty good.

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