X-Plane question

Yep, me too. I can feel the wind in my hair… :smile:

Anyone have any ATC tips or add-ons?

For on sale, I’m fairly sure it’ll be the 50% off it usually is at Steam Xmas Sale time, so that’s when I plan to pick it up.

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X plane ATC is weak. 9 times out of ten I fly without it. Or I will use it to take off. Then I will cancel my ifr in flight and then refile once I get close to my destination.

Even with ATC on its vastly different then FSX. There are fewer hand offs. If your flying anywhere but the USA. The top cover channel is always 195.95. So once you take off you get handed off to that channel and then pretty much wont hear a thing until you get your landing assignment. They juat recently added an ATC function where it will bring up a drop down menu and show you the nearest airports.

So ATC is a work in progress but it is definitely getting better.

As for FSX and REX I have had some X plane moments that made me go wow! There is a couple of mods that are freeware that really enhance the sky.

One other thing I would like to point out to the technical folks. X plane its 64 bit as well.

Also forgot to mention. If you want to do a VFR flight. Just dont file a flight plan. X plane doesnt do VFR. As ATC improves it might but currently it doesnt.


Apologies for the necro post. I picked X-Plane up during the steam sale, and I’m certainly feeling the potential. I’m also feeling somewhat adrift.

  • Does X-Plane have any training documentation? If not is there a recommended site? Less so much aircraft fundamentals, more how to file a flight plan, how to navigate via VOR/NDB, how to interact with the ATC. Turns out these civilian planes don’t come with the $10,000,000 GPS aided laser-gyroscope INS system I’m used to in my normal rides.
  • Is there some sort of site or program that will generate missions? Like take n amount of cargo from airport y to airport x. Brief research uncovered a moderately shocking amount of derogatory talk regarding FSX’s mission system, and while that’s not exactly what I’m looking for, something along those lines wouldn’t hurt either.
  • Is there a site that is the site for third party freeware scenery and aircraft? for payware?
  • I’ve noticed that the autogen is quite liberal with it’s placement of roads. I’m not trying to slight the Oregon Department of Transportation, but I’m dubious that this stretch of coast…

Has this built up an infrastructure…

Is there anyway to tone that down?

The following link will probably help. Flight School - X-Plane.Org Forum

Not that I know of. However maybe finding a Virtual Airline might help in that regard.

YES!!! http://www.x-plane.org/

Org Store is payware, Be forewarned your wallet will cry. Also the files section is were all the downloads are. TONS and TONS of stuff.

Best thing I can tell you is adjust your roads in the rendering options.

Also If you need any hints on flight planning I can give you a few. Not sure what you are looking for in that area.

Also if you have the CPU/GPU you may want to try this site X-Plane 10 HD Mesh Scenery v3

Its freeware HD scenery.

Also I did an AAR in the 777 for X plane a while back, Not sure if it will help you but here is the link Flying the Boeing 777 In X-Plane---AAR

And as always any questions ask!


So I picked up X-Plane on sale, but hadn’t looked at it till today.

@BeachAV8R was correct, I am now fiddling the hell out of it. I’m up to about 50GB of custom content in the last hour, and haven’t really got to downloading the aircraft yet. I may have a problem… lol


Welcome to the madness. I see you’ve already found the HD Global Scenery. There is also Ultra High Def mesh for your neck of the woods too…even more resolution than the HD mesh.




Nice - thanks, will try that next.

I’ve got my full local airport all customized and configured - it’s running surprisingly nicely so far. XTraffic, Live ATC - it’s a whole new world! :wink:

Eyefinity set-up, with PilotView limiting the TrackIR:

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Huh, those grey boxes around Sacramento look like they might cover where I got my PPL - Redding, CA…

@fearlessfrog - That’s awesome…I recognize that place. By the way…in one of my previous EPOCH flights…I ran up to Chilliwack to get some helicopter work done… I’m just wondering why you didn’t tell me not to spend the night there?

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything so insane…it’s like real life GTA…


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If you have a light aircraft coming from the North into Chilliwack and it’s not carrying drugs then I think you get a free kilo at the airport. With that in mind, pretty much all that footage is now explainable. :smile:

Jus remember if you want to customize it even more, you can use the WED and load that airport up and adjust it to your liking, AKA add autogate etc.

I will say this do not visit the .org store until payday!

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Yeah. Love that place. They’ve gotten a ton of my money…

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lol, I’ve already picked up the Beaver and Bell 412 when they were on sale. @BeachAV8R is a bad influence on my checking account.

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This might very well be my next purchase


That DC-3 is really nice @weaponz248 - but wait for it to go on sale. X-Aviation regularly has 50% off sales on their stuff…so I’d recommend waiting to pick it up for $19.99 or whatever. The sound effects on that DC-3 are fantastic. I also have their T-34C and it is beautiful…

Sorry @near_blind - LOL…


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Excellent! Thanks for the tip! Will wait for it to go on sale! The DC-3 is one of my favorites!

@weaponz248 One thing I couldn’t figure out yet is how in WED to ‘force it’ to use the proper active runways. For YVR, the 12/30 is only used with a strong cross-wind, as the 08/26 Left and Right are the arrival and departure propers with ILS etc. Even if I put a gust over the airfield it seems X-plane just loves to use 12/30 for everything. Frustrating.

Is there a way to make that runway inactive in WED?

Short answer no. However the best way to work around that is simply dont use the ATC.

Ah well, thanks anyway. I did almost get a decent IFR flight out of it, and I do like to work the radios. Hopefully something that X-Plane will make better over time. I really think it helps immersion.

I agree and I think they are working on an improved ATC. However once you get into the bigger planes and the real world FMCs with SIDs and STARs you will drop the ATC. I like the imersion of the ATC but I like the actual flying the SIDs and STARs better.