X-Plane Releases Thread (2020)

Ugly planes usually have the most character. I’m now torn…do I want the PC-6 or the DCS P47? :dizzy_face:


Let me channel my inner @paulrix for this response…

Why not get both? :smiley:


:grimacing: It might happen… we will see. I guess there is no rush though.

AVIA 71 again on sale including Aerostar601.

PC6 already out!? That was quick. Thranda doing great work.

Does it make sense to have this in the Virtual Airline group or to create a X-Plane group under the Flight Sims category and just split out the new releases? I am leaning to the Flight Sims category… but I want feedback :slight_smile:

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Yeah…I think it would be better in the Flight Sim category because there are people that would be interested in the X-Plane add-ons that aren’t necessarily flying for the Virtual Airline, MAD, Air Hauler, or FSE…so yeah…definitely be better outside of that group I think.

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Ok. I have tried to pull apart some of this thread into individual threads based on the aircraft (not the designer that is bringing it to X-Plane. It’s not perfect :slight_smile:

So, from this point forward, if we are talking about general releases and such, feel free to keep it in this thread but if it is about a specific aircraft/scenery addon, please create or use a post in the X-Plane Add-Ons category.

EDIT: I will try to be diligent in keeping the new threads going without killing off this thread (because it has it’s place). Please don’t take offence if I move a post or two :slight_smile:


Thanks for the hard work @Fridge! Organization is not my strong suite…

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Hope none of you jumped on that bell412 too early. It’s flashing at the org now…

The Tornado and the Harrier too… :sunglasses:

Rumor has it that 50.b1 is now out:


Volunteers, please take one step forward :slight_smile:


Alright… Let’s see. We’ve got the husky a and c, an otter, beech 18… pc-12… and Sherpa on sale at the org.

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So the PC-12 is very deep system-wise and flies very nicely, but she’s a bit rough graphically speaking- I think it’s been a little while since the models have been updated. Just as an FYI.

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I think that’s a pretty good summary of most stma models. They aren’t carenado graphics but they are good birds.

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Hard to say what I want to pick up. The aerocommander is going to be a nice step for AH. A PC-12 would be nice but I think I’d prefer the carenado for that. Not sure I need a beech 18… Hmmmmm.

Sat on my tookus too long and sale has moved on.
We now have a trio of vans rv8s up.

Colimata Concorde and the REP packages for default baron and 172 are up now

June 6 morning - aerobask planes on sale - da62 and eclipse 550 added to the hangar. Always wanted a diamond to fly and the eclipse is going to be fun addition to AH I think. Good load level for cargo looks like. 6 passengers? 5?

June 6 afternoon - drzwiecki scenery packs are up, including Seattle city and Seattle airports. @BeachAV8R you have both right? Both compatible with orbx wash?

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And now VSkyLabs is up for a flash sale… looks like everything except the C47. I like the Long EZ, Euro Fox and Icon A5 in particular, although their helicopters are fun to fly as well.

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Sorry - I was out of town for four days with no internet…so I didn’t get your message until now. Yes, I have Seattle City and Seattle Airports and they mostly work. There are some tweaks to get the mesh to work correctly.

So @Fridge I ducked out of town for a few days right in the middle of the reorganization (I like the individual plane threads!)…so where should I post new/freeware X-plane scenery that would appeal to both Virtual Airline pilots and general X-Plane users? Are we tagging them with something to keep em’ sorted or should I just compile a single X-Plane scenery thread?