X-Plane Releases Thread (2020)

Thanks. Awesome. Weird about that view.

I saw the ice cube levers in the previews. Lold a little.

In the end I figured sharing the wealth around was in best interest of spending my money. There’s enough carenado birds I’m interested in getting that supporting another company is a good idea.

How does it compare to the Aerostar? I have that one too. :slight_smile:

I have not forgotten about this - it is near the top of my TO DO list…a project like this is useful when I’m out on the road flying and sitting around in an FBO. So keep an eye out and I’ll get a closed topic sorted with this type of info…


I may take a stab at this later in the week, and break out of this thread some of the recommendations and release notices. I need work to calm down a little first :slight_smile:


VMAX Boeing 777 is on the flash-sale for half-off… $29.97. I probably will skip it because I still have that 757 sitting unused in my hangar…

EDIT - As usual…check their forums first to make sure everything is working in XP-11… (It does look like the developer posted an update as recently as 6 hours ago with an item or two to address 11.50 Vulkan issues…so I would assume it is fairly well updated…)

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Yeah I saw the 777 for $29, but when I looked at the pics of it, it seemed pretty dated. That’s my biggest issue with Xplane modules is the vast difference in quality levels between the modules. You definitely have to do your homework before you purchase anything.


Yeah…and if I’m gonna fly anything dated…it is gonna be the Boeing 727F! That is kind of my ultimate goal in building up an Air Hauler company…

If I didn’t have the Kodiak, I’d have jumped now…

It’s such an ugly plane lol

agreed. but the documentary series on Youtube “the worst place to be a pilot” made it attractive.

Can you balance a cup of coffee and mini Scrabble board on that sill that runs the length of the cockpit?

Yeah, I’m re-watching that this week. Scary.

Hey, what did you enter for the import data in AH2?

Going to do some research when I have a moment (was hoping I could just get it loaded so I didn’t have to do it later), but it’s missing a bunch of values.

Looks like a good ref. Will need to cross check.

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Ugly planes usually have the most character. I’m now torn…do I want the PC-6 or the DCS P47? :dizzy_face:


Let me channel my inner @paulrix for this response…

Why not get both? :smiley:


:grimacing: It might happen… we will see. I guess there is no rush though.

AVIA 71 again on sale including Aerostar601.

PC6 already out!? That was quick. Thranda doing great work.

Does it make sense to have this in the Virtual Airline group or to create a X-Plane group under the Flight Sims category and just split out the new releases? I am leaning to the Flight Sims category… but I want feedback :slight_smile:

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