X-Plane Releases Thread [2022/2023]

Welcome to the 2022 X-Plane Releases Thread. We hope for some great things from X-Plane this year!


This one doesn’t interest me at $32 but it’s a chance to be first on the boards so here goes:

Bell 47G-2A1-FlyInside-B47G (x-plane.org)



Been waiting on this one for a while. Based on the zibo, it’s the successor to the original Ultimate 737 mods.


released before new year but still

decided to do the investment as the only available (payware) 206 was XP10 version from Dreamfoil and it was kind of long in the teeth already I would say.

did only some normal flying around checking normal procedures like start up and shut down e.g. for now. I have to say that it looks good and flies nice.

normal procedures can be executed according to the RL flight manual and it flies believably, but frankly its like ‘only’ 90% there :slight_smile:
there are some minor differences to the real thing. but these could be design decisions. I mean this is the disclaimer from manual ‘NOT INTENDED FOR PROFESSIONAL OR COMMERCIAL USE’. maybe it will be worth a try to contact the dev and ask him :slight_smile:

will try some emergencies later and will let you know how it handles. but for now very happy with it, it is great addition to my AH2 fleet.


one more nice release, this time freeware, looks very good and flies very nice for the ‘price’ :slight_smile: :+1:


A 206 pilot gave Cowen some feedback on his thread at dot org. Sounds and engine settings IIRC. Cowan promises an update soon.

good info, will check there. maybe the dev has already all the info as I am quite late to the party.

You might want to look into the thread and offer what you have. He has spent far more hours building the 206 than he did the previous two helicopters. I am sure he would appreciate the help getting it right.

X-Plane 12 stock A330 looking nice on that wet pavement…


Fps counter turned off because lol

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That price is… excessive.


If it’s expensive, that means it’s good, and if it’s really really expense then it makes it practically pro level, right? Love this quote from the makers:

the Challenger 650 “ has been designed from first principles.” This includes “basic laws of physics, such as conservation of energy, momentum, the laws of thermodynamics and much more.”

They should double the price and keep the Xbox kids away… :wink:


Doesn’t the MUDSPIKE Chief Bad Influencer, @PaulRix, drive one of these? That should make for some sort of perfect wallet storm. :rofl:

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I used to fly the Challenger 604 which is essentially the same aircraft but with older avionics. I last flew the Challenger in 2015. Since then I have only flown the Global.

If I was still ‘investing’ in XP11 aircraft I would almost certainly have bought this one. It seems a little late in the XP11 life-cycle to be putting that kind of money into a new airplane though. I might look at it again if it plays nicely with XP12.


This is the part that puzzles me the most. It seems odd to price something so high for a sim that is soon to be succeeded by XP12.

I loved their TBM and would pretty much buy whatever they put out without hesitation but that price is up there. Is there anything out there more expensive? Only the super-duper “Cockpit” edition of the Majestic Q400 comes to mind.

I wonder what kind of analysis they did to arrive at that price point, I fear that that something so expensive won’t sell enough to see the cash they’d like.

Maybe it’s all part of the plan and they’ll put it on “sale” for $70 and it’ll sell like hot cakes.

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here something ‘cheaper’ :slight_smile: seems like older gift from aerobask just recently updated for XP11 !?

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this sounds cool, looking forward to see more

You’ll experience interactions with FBO staff, fuelers, and even have full access to the FBO for pre-flight duties. You have the option to do a ‘Training’ mode for quick ‘get in and go’ situations, but ‘Career’ mode is a lifelike pilot experience that requires the time and attention real pilots deal with. You’ll need to fill out fuel orders, consider de-icing (even ride in the de-ice truck if you like), use the briefing room to get your flight plan sorted out, interact with the fueler, and deal with FBO staff to co-ordinate the arrival of your passengers.

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Wow! Looks like everything the “we want a squadron ready room, and to walk through the carrier, and to preflight the plane on deck” crowd for DCS has been asking for.


Exactly! Flying starts from the outside, not the cockpit.

That all sounds kind of like going to work… :wink: