X-Plane Releases Thread [2022/2023]

standard update process is via Skunkcraft updater utility.

or you are talking about different update(s)?


Me? I’m talking standard updates. The Skunkcraft utility is a fairly recent tool that VSL is using. Previously they used STA. Skunkcraft is better IMO because it isn’t forced; ie, you update when you want to.

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its bit of schizophrenia with early access concept for me. I like the idea of having something early, but I am usually done with the thing, ie. lost interest, at the point it is updated to some solid state.
it happened to me with their DC3. I did fly fair share of miles with her across South Americas. didnt touch her since then even though she got big update recently.

maybe I will rediscover her sometime in the future again.

I share this disappointment. happened to me when I crewed both the VSL Tecnam and XF19. partialy also DC3.
so I am afraid its VSL thing not just some recent motif.
the same goes for AOA Sims. their cockpits look sterile even on pictures.

for the cockpits ‘depth’ visual simulation in XP we have Aerobask, Thranda / JustFlight, XTrident and the like.

btw I find supersonic cruising at high alts really relaxing :slight_smile:
never did that before, like when @BeachAV8R took a rides in X-15 :slight_smile:
I hope I could join you soon in the SR71. its on my wishlist, so hopefully xmas sales are around the corner.


Not sure what that is, but I’ll google it later today.

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Instructions for using it are now part of the documentation for any VSL model. It’s just a version checker and updater so that you don’t need to constantly check to see if your favorite stuff is in need of an update.


Makes sense. There is a revenue stream out there that LR have been unwilling to tap into but instead conceded to the storefront at “dot org”. As long as the current ability to easily add models separate from the in-game master, it’s a step forward.


well, we are going to see soon enough if the increased price was worth it



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X-Crafts Ejets is free

This is their original release E175/195 updated to 3.0 for XP12. It is not Ejets Family which is a more detailed version released last year. But hey, can’t beat free.


its out

noice! friend of mine is RL pilot of this same beauty


That looks amazing. Such detail.

I’ve got 2 hours in one! But I feel a little burned by my X-Trident AW139 experience. I don’t care to repeat it. Agreed, though, this one looks terrific.

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thats X-Rotors AW139

this one is X-Trident, the same guys like the B412 or CH47, I think there is nothing to be worry about :sunglasses:

Oh Crap. Thanks! I got the Xs confused. Old man moment. X-Trident is the best. Moving on…

Crap again! There must be something about how Agustas are configured in X-Plane. Years ago I bought X-Rotors’ AW139 and found that the VR controls were reversed. I went a few rounds with the dev but he never seemed to understand my issue. To him, like most people perhaps, using VR controls instead of perfectly good joysticks is stupid. So I actually never flew the thing. Now, same exact issue with X-Trident’s AW109. This was not an issue with the Bell 412 nor the Chinook, his previous models that I own. Pretty model though. I just wish I had done some research before dropping 50 bucks!

I hope that you will have better luck with support from X-Trident. they are at least present at the xplane forums.

Thanks. He says he’s working on it with his partner. The avionics work looks to be amazing.

109 is fixed! (Mostly). VR cyclic works in “Realistic” mode but is reversed in “Ergonomic” mode. The cyclic throw is fairly small so “realistic” is comfortable.
Collective is perfect. It flies quite like I remember.


good to hear that.

plus there is the new XP 12.1.0 beta already available which performs better on my hw than the previous ver. good to be able to fly XP12 again instead of XP11.