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Another quality scenery release for X-Plane from all appearances. Apparently under development by newcomer Descent2View the Greek island airport/scenery of Chios Island. I’ll probably pick this one up for a future Challenging Airports article since it ticks off some of those boxes - short-ish runway, some terrain, and a fun 90 degree intercept to the final approach on the traditional instrument approaches.

Available on the .ORG for $26: HERE

And once again…a reminder that opening an Air Hauler 2 company in the Greek Islands would be awesome if only the developer would consider supporting X-Plane… :wink: (I’ll beat that drum until X-Plane 12 comes out…sigh…)



His loss.

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How many gigs do you all have dedicated to your XP11 installs/add ons/mods?



My XP11 install is at 124GB right now. I don’t have the internet connection for downloading Terabytes worth of Ortho data.



Err…my XP11 install is 1.54TB at the moment. I blame @fearlessfrog for his Ortho tutorial.



And just to verify that…944GB of my install is in the Y and Z ortho and mesh type directories…



Haha - that’s crazy. Not that long ago that would have been the total data storage capacity of a country!




And I thought the Canopus Pure 3D card was the last card I’d EVER have to buy… :see_no_evil:

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“I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers” :grin:

I think the tech leaders of today have learned not to make predictions like that anymore, haha

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Holy macaroni…



Not sure…I think this is a release that has perhaps been updated, but I might have missed it. Lodge strips in and around Nemiah Valley, BC Canada:

Looks like my kinda area…



That looks pretty awesome. I wish there was a good way for them to package all the required libraries though. It becomes a real hassle to work through the list of required libraries.

This package looks like it will be worth the time and effort. This area is just 100nm from Bella Coola.



Well, I spent a good part of the evening getting this installed, along with a few other airports in the region by the same author. It was well worth the effort. Some of the airstrips have some problems with the terrain. Maybe a better mesh would help there. Despite these small problems, flying into and out of these strips is a fantastic experience in VR.

I’ll do some more flying in the area tomorrow hopefully and take some screenshots.



Yeah…definitely a beautiful area. I think I’m using some Alpilot X mesh…not sure which version though (HD 3 or 4?)…



And another shout-out to the great team at Shade Tree Micro Aviation. While their planes might not be as advanced and of the same graphic quality of some of the high end development houses, I continue to be amazed at their auto-updater and product notification implementation (I know I’ve mentioned this before). When you load their airplane, the auto-updater phones home, checks for updates, and then informs you of what is going on as well as providing a change log for past changes. This is a really nice feature since you can see when the model was made XP11 compliant in case you forgot, and allows you to quickly review what recent changes are. Nice job STMA with that feature…



I’ve been flying the ASG Super Cub a lot around Bella Coola trying to determine how well it works with 11.21. The two issues people bring up are an optimistic glide ratio and poor ground handling, thought to be related to how recent versions of XP represent prop wash against the fuselage. I’ll give that the second is true. When accelerating and passing through 40 kts (about the time the a/s needle becomes active), the aircraft lurches hard left. I’ve learned to beat it by getting the tail wheel off the ground ASAP and simultaneously holding a smidge if right toe brake, but it’s a precarious dance to keep it on the pavement. The SMS Beaver used to do the same thing, but was fixed with their last last release of that product. Since ASDG has gone missing, it might be up to the community to solve.

On the glide ratio issue, I don’t fly complex aircraft IRL enough to judge. But if I fly the same pattern that I do IRL in a Skyhawk, I.E. pull power back to 1800 mid field, trim for 80 kts, add notch of flaps in the white arc, 70 kts on base, and 60 on final, I can put the Super Cub on the numbers every time. The only difference is that with the SC, I’m pulling off all of the power, which results in about 1500 rpm with prop at full fine pitch. But, it’s the same with the JF Arrow, so either that is correct, or the engine modeling for both aircraft is the same.

In short, if the ground handling was tamed a bit, I’d be really happy with the ASDG Super Cub. I’m already flying it now more than other aircraft.

In other news, a good friend of mine just bought a J-3 and is getting it airworthy. Can’t wait to fly it.



this imediately caught my atention, I think I experience the same also with JF C152 …or in other words optimistic fuselage drag



Aerostar 601P has been released. I don’t have any experiences with this developer (he also made the Aero Commander)…so no input there. The Aerostar is a pretty nifty airplane - quite the performer, and quite the handful on a single engine. The product page doesn’t show a lot of shots…so I’m not sure of the overall quality.




Q8 pilot is a big fan of the Avia71 developer so it wouldn’t surprise me if he had a video review on his YouTube channel some time very soon.

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