X-Plane releases thread



The V does, anyway.


Speaking about X-Plane releases…while I haven’t got over to the Dark Side just yet (and what was up with that Darth Maul dude…watched Phantom Menace last night…made no sense whatsoever…but I digress)…however I do see XP11 in my future.

That said I’m looking at ORBX’s True Earth for England. I painfully purchased FTX England, Scotland and Wales for FSX…painfully becauseI purchased DVDs and now it is extremely difficult to update. I get it that it is hand corrected photo-imagery…but besides that, any thoughts on how it compares with the FSX sceneries?

My concern is that after many years I finally have a PC that can run enhanced scenery with the slides more towards the right than the left…don’t want to throw out that baby with the FSX bathwater if I can help it.


FYI… a good Carenado sale at XPlane.org


So… Active Sky. I kinda like it! I just landed the little Aerobask Robin at Ketchikan Alaska where currently it is rather windy with gusts into the 30’s. It was a real handful.

I’m going to have to test it a bit more, but so far my initial thoughts are that this is going to be my weather ‘system’ of choice.


A not so nice view of not so nice weather. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had plenty of special offers for Active sky over the last couple of years, I thought it was just nicer clouds and atmospheric lighting…evidently it is more.


Please continue to share your observations. I’m very interested in the direction it takes…


Here is a rundown of what they have so far in the X-Plane version.
Like you, I initially thought it was going to be a cloud upgrade, but there is a lot more going on than that.



I’ll keep you informed. If I get time, I will jot my thoughts down on my growing collection of weather plugins/packages…

So far I have XEnviro, FSGRW, UltraWeather XP and now Active Sky. UltraWeather XP is for eye candy, but it really is nice. The cool thing is that it works great with both FSGRW and Active Sky, so you get a great combination no matter what system you use to inject the weather.

I’m still hopeful that XEnviro will end up being something special, but I’m not too happy with the current version.


Wow…includes wake turbulence. That is downright cool! Thanks for the link.:slightly_smiling_face:

I am taking a measured and planned approach to switching to X-Plane—looking at enhanced scenery, specific aircraft and, now, a realistic flight environment / weather.

In other words, I’m not going to go hog wild every 10% Off Tuesday at PC Aviator :grimacing:


Yeah, I think that it’s a weather injection engine only at this point Paul, and that cloud injection will follow. Perhaps Cloud Art for X-Plane? Anyway, I find that being able to plug a plan into AS and have it give a full weather briefing along the route, while injecting that weather into P3D so useful, that I’ll most likely buy it for X-Plane.

Edit #1: It looks like SkyMax Pro is compatible with Active Sky for X-Plane. From their feature list:
" • Active Sky XP (ASXP) when using Real Weather Connector"

I wonder how that works. RWC grabs weather from ASXP rather than a real weather source? IMHO, it would be better if SMP would pull the weather directly from ASXP rather than need a proxy from RWC.

Edit #2: From the ASXP FAQ concerning clouds…

Q: Are cloud texture replacements included?
A: Yes, an optional cloud texture replacement, evolved from the newest ASCA content and designed specifically for X-Plane 11.26/11.30+ is included. Two different variants are available, high performance, which is softer and lower resolution, and high detail, which is higher resolution, with harder edges. ASXP also works great with any other textures and other visual enhancements.

Q: Is a complete cloud visuals depiction replacement included?
A: No, not at this time. HiFi is working on such technology and hopes it will be ready to debut sometime in late 2019.


Off thread a bit…I took a look at the FSX version. It is about the same, but mentions something about an additional clouds textures package.

I thought the X-Plane default clouds looked great in @PaulRix ‘s screen shots.


I guess I should mention that the cloud set I use is from Ultra Weather XP rather than default.


Just a note for those that use the RealityXP GTN 750 for X-Plane. I had noticed that my CDI was going nutzo in the Carenado Citation II…just flipping around randomly. It looks like RealityXP found the bug and fixed it in their 2.5.9 update.



Hmmmmmmm… I might have to get this to add to my ever increasing X-Plane RAF fleet…

So far I have a great Hawk, Tornado, Tucano, Jaguar (pretty good freeware) and Vulcan (very nice freeware)…


like week ago or so I came acros Beach’s post about this JumpJet and was wondering if they will ever release it… and here we go, its released, nice!


T’was inevitable I suppose…


You need an Ark Royal…


Not a release…but information from the FlyJSims developer that we will be getting a Q400 for X-Plane 11:

Hello everyone! Since the beginning of time, the FlyJSim fandom have asked only one vital question…

“Is there Q400 update?”

We can finally say “Yes, we heard you, and we listened.” It is with great pleasure that we announce our next aircraft. The ‘FlyJSim Q4XP’ is in development, and we look forward to providing the X-Plane community with our new rendition of the iconic and beloved turboprop. This will be a fairly significant departure from our previous Q400 offering and will exceed the standards seen in our existing aircraft. As such the naming convention has been changed for this product.

Aircraft development is a lengthy process, and we stress that the images shown are in early development. Fans familiar with FlyJSim know that by following our social media groups, or by following the developers on Twitch, we will provide an open and transparent dialogue by which you can watch us develop the aircraft.

Jack (3D Modelling and Systems/Texturing) – https://www.twitch.tv/flyingjackal
Valdudes (Texturing) - https://www.twitch.tv/valdudes
Justin (Systems) - https://www.twitch.tv/jsnapp1982

Q. When is the release?
A. There is no release date for the aircraft, and won’t be for a considerable amount of time. When we have further information, we’ll be sure to let you know on our social media pages.

Q. Will it be compatible with X-Plane 10?
A. Unfortunately no. As of our recent series line-up, all our aircraft are X-Plane 11 only, due to the advancements in technology of the sim, and the rendering engine.

Q. Will it be VR compatible?
A. Yes, the Q4XP will be fully VR ready.

Q. Will you be using the X-Plane 11 default FMC?
A. Not at all, there will be a custom coded navigation system.

That’s all we have to share with you at this moment. Don’t forget to follow us on either Facebook, Twitter, Discord or the Pilots Group to obtain new and upcoming information about our products and the Q4XP. We wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday!


I sense another simbox NG rebuild in the offing. :grin:


MisterX released his Japan PRo scenery a couple days ago:


  • Completely new set of high quality autogen buildings
  •     Baked ambient occlusion
  •     Night textures
  •     PBR materials
  • Complete autogen tiles
  •     High resolution ground textures
  •     Details like cars, trees and fences
  • Different kinds of houses, large apartments and industries
  • Enhanced cities
  •     Naha: cruise terminal, cargo harbor, photoreal scenery
  •     Tokyo: Skytree, Tokyo Tower, harbor
  • Highway signs
  • Vehicles
  •     Cars and trucks (dynamic and static)
  •     Shinkansen (bullet train)