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Hmm. I actually do know exactly what you mean. Funny old thing. :slight_smile:


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If you like, there is, yeah. It is pretty short, really. Here it is…

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In England, in a farm cottage in the woods, 1994, two months after my father passed away from a long illness, and in a declining economic situation. Almost through a Mechanical Engineering course on a grant, holder of a glider pilot Silver “C” from the RAFGSA, and a CAA PPL I had scraped together enough to finish on reduced requirement hours on a PA-18, and owner of an unreliable Honda CB-125 I had salvaged. Generally pretty down, as I was deciding whether I should give up the pursuit of flying and go into a low pay but with promise for the future apprenticeship in CAD design for a British car manufacturer. The aviation market was flooded with experienced, well trained ex-RAF pilots who were in surplus after the “demobbing” of many Cold War squadrons, so there was little immediate opportunity for civilian pilots.

I sat down one evening with my mother and we watched a documentary about DC-3s in Colombia, like the one above. Having grown up in South America, in an aviation environment, the program made me pretty nostalgic.

I decided I would take the bull by the horns that evening.

No, I never flew a DC-3 here in South America, but there have certainly been some “adventures”, especially early on. I do sometimes wonder how things would have turned out had I not done what I did, but I wager everyone who makes a major life changing decision of their own will does that from time to time.

That is why I know how @EightBall feels…

PS: “Of all the sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: ‘It might have been’.”


Shame on you! Uncollapse that, man! Little life excursions are what makes this forum great. I LOVE getting a chance to know you all.



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I guess that it’s no mystery why I would get emails announcing the release of Active Sky for X-Plane and that there are updates to SkyMax Pro and the RWC.


Honestly, I’m getting a little tired of building a house of cards just to get good weather in X-Plane. I mean, I think at one point I had:

Real Weather Connector
Sky Maxx Pro
Python NOAA weather
and Ventura Sky

I mean…can’t I just get an all in one solution? I’m pretty happy with RWC and SkyMaxx Pro at this point…but I’d love an all in one solution.


I’m surprised that I missed that Active Sky X-Plane release…well, sorta. I embargoed myself from looking at flight sim stuff while I was studying for my King Air recurrent.

Right now I’m purging my X-Plane 11 scenery directory and try to restore some order to my install. As such, I’ve removed all of my add on mesh and am going through the process of reinstalling X-Plane 11 UHD Mesh v4 and X-Plane 11 HD Mesh v4. I’m moving to the XP11 versions of those and think I’m officially closing the door on my XP10 install.


OK…so what I’m seeing is that now SkyMaxx users are being offered the additional utility of FS Global Real Weather (FSGRW) which adds some functionality to the weather engine. So yes, you’d essentially have three different products working together to give you weather. It seems nuts.


Then I read up on FSGRW and this part does appeal to me because of the Christmas Flight and many of our group flights that go over vast oceanic areas…

“Weather conceived out of real weatherdata of 24.000+ stations based on land and at sea (=> correct weather over the oceans)”

I’m not sure that I get accurate winds aloft right now with just what I’m using. (At least, not over oceanic areas)…


But I really need a comparison with Active Sky XP. Does anyone know of someone who has put together a column format of comparisons between the two? And not just what is currently in there…but what Active Sky is planning to do as it moves forward. I love Active Sky for P3D and FSX, and the company has a great reputation. So I wouldn’t be adverse to moving to that product, particularly if it becomes an all in one product.


Haven’t seen a comparison yet, but also really like AS.


@BeachAV8R, When I did my leg from San Francisco to Honolulu in the Short Solent I used FSGRW and flew headings based on the Sky Vector flight log. It got me close enough to pick up the NDB at MCAS Kaneohe Bay with only slight course adjustments required. That was a significant improvement over using the realtime winds from XEnviro during an oceanic crossing I flew for the 2017 Christmas trek.

I’m interested in Active Sky, but I am not sure what it would give me that FSGRW isn’t already providing.


Am I reading it right that FSGRW is both an X-Plane and P3D package in one? You don’t have to buy both?


LOL! :rofl::rofl:…oh…you were serious too…my bad, again. :slightly_smiling_face:


FSGRW is a standalone program that can be used for P3D and X-Plane (64 bit version of FSGRW). If you buy the older 32 Bit version, you can use it with FSX as well.

I purchased the 64 Bit version (of course).


Anyone own/flown the Carenado PA34 Seneca in XP11 and can confirm if it works ok in VR?
Thinking about picking it up in the sale but just wanted to make sure it works ok, thanks in advance.


I don’t have that one…wish I could help out. Looks like a nice bird. If memory serves me, the Seneca had counter-rotating engines so it didn’t have a “critical” engine. I might be wrong on that though…so don’t take my word for it… :upside_down_face: