X-Plane Screens (2022)

Sweet! This is pretty much the only airplane I have been flying in XP11 since I got it in February. Hot Start set a massively high bar with this one that I don’t think is quite fully appreciated. And you’ll get the free upgrade for XP12 so why not?! In the meantime, the dev is very active in updates/fixes. If you feel compelled, report any issues and suggestions at their X-pilot forums. The moderators and testers are very receptive. Your 604 experience will definitely be welcome.

I’m confident this bird will be a great primer for your 650 training. Check out those real time Study Panels… electrical, fuel, engines, ECS, GPS, FMS, Datalink signals… the list goes. Oh did you notice the LONG load up?! :sweat_smile: Probably the only “downside” only because it is loading up an insane amount of telemetry.

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Those study panels are a work of art…as good as anything I have seen in the classroom.

I’ll poke my head through the door at the forums, although I am sure I will be the one doing the learning as it has been awhile since I flew the 604. After flying the Honeywell Primus 2000 suite for the past 7 years on the Global, I am fumbling around with the Proline 21 but I’m getting there.

maybe one day I will try these bigger and smaller tubeliners, its all tempting, especially with those fine training videos from you @Chaz

but for now I am more like ‘low, slow and braking in turns’ :sunglasses:


More Challenger shots… San Diego to San Jose

Taking on some fuel…

Taking runway 27 you can see the famous parking lot in the background.

Some time later, over Catalina Island

Los Angeles…

I am remembering quite a bit from my 604 days…but the avionics are a significant upgrade…

Monterey Bay

Silicon Valley…San Jose in sight.

The landing was not my smoothest but I’m down…TR’s deployed.

Parked, and chocked with pins and covers in place.


Your second (virtual) flight to SJC in recent weeks and you didn’t even call/text me! :confused: :upside_down_face: