X-Plane Screens (2022)

exactly. flat ortho is boring but ortho (at least ortho4xp) comes with updated mesh and that makes the difference.

fortunately there are some ways to correct it available for some regions. e.g. freeware x-europe addon which provides osm data for roads and buildings (and trees also iirc). then the blending of ortho and 3D objects looks little more seamless.
edit: I have to mention that I use also payware global forest addon on top of it for the correct diversity and placement of trees (osm data also iirc). wish that osm data has also grass and bushes info.

swiss alps near Sion


I use Global Forests too. It will be interesting to see if LR will add similar functionality to XP12. That shot looks terrific! (I hope you don’t mind, but I changed the thread title from “X-Plane 11…” to just “X-Plane…”)

no prob, also thinking about that ‘(YYYY)’ vs ‘[YYYY]’ :wink:

only ‘little’ scratch on nice surface is the performance hit, not good. oc its all just thrown one over the other. we will see what XP12, where it all should be optimized, will deliver with new default tree tech and new default autogen.

hope for the same, that XP12 will heavily utilize on the osm data available.

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