X-Plane X-Life version 4 now with VR

Traffic and ATC has always been a bit weak in X-Plane, and X-Life has been around for a while trying to do it a little better. I like it as a plug-in and happy with the value (it’s a paid plug-in) but stopped using it when I mainly XP’d in VR. I even tried it use in VR using OBS to mirror it as a window in VR, but it was pretty ugly.

So, good news - the author has re-written it to work in VR. Beta download and details here:

It works and is good as a first go around. I’ve found it a bit crashy so far, but it looks like updates are frequent.

Details for X-Life here:



Sweet…! I like X-Life for some of the busier airports that I fly to…it does add some life to the airports. I actually used his Ground Handling Deluxe yesterday too since the FlyJSim 727 doesn’t come with all those objects.

Right before bed last night I also hopped in the JAR A330 in a cold and dark cockpit just to futz around with it in VR and it is so awesome. I got the APU running, the engines started, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the ADI and HSI up and running. I think the three INS or IRUs or something have to be in a certain position for several minutes and I didn’t have time to sort through it.

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