X4 Foundations


Now I am hoping they have taken a step back…gameplay wise


Obsidian Ant covered this. If Egosoft can pull this off, it sounds a lot like what another popular space game was supposed to be. Color me interested.


How I hope they get it right! Terran Conflict is one of my favourite time sinks of all time. (I came late to the party so while I have all the X-games I haven’t spent much time in the others)


I loved X1, XT, X2, X3 and XTC and I think I have most time in X2 or X3.

So definitely looking forward to hear more from X4


I have 200hrs in reunion. 400 hrs in terran conflict. And well over a thousand (not sure exactly as a lot was offline) in albion prelude. I AM PUMPED FOR X4!

however the very last pre order I paid for was rebirth. I have never pre ordered again after the disappointment that caused. I booked time of work and played it for 5 hours and never went back again. I was gutted.


It’s out today.

Looks interesting, i’ll be keeping an eye on the reviews for this one.


Lots of “I gave it 4 minutes, so here’s my 10,000 word review on why the previous one sucked, proving I was right, or something” so far. :slight_smile:

On a more serious note, looks like some early bug squashing needed, so am keen on this but will wait a bit.


From what I’ve heard it might be worth waiting. I’ve been following this very closely and it looks incredible. But there a couple of game breaking bugs that have been found at the early stages of the game…

Its on my Christmas wishlist. If I’m bought it as a present I have no right to moan lol.

It does look amazing though. I’m very much looking forward to having a stab at it


Looks interesting but I have no time to spare for yet another Big Game.


I know what you mean @schurem

I havent come close to having enough time to get truely involved in games lately since the little one arrived.

Its a shame as I truely love the x series. But the amount of hours I put into the other games in the series over 5 or 6 years would take me 15 to 20 years now.

Kids. The ultimate time sinks lol.


The rugrat got delivered?! well congrats mate! (and condolences :stuck_out_tongue: ). Be glad you get to go to work. Doing babies 24/7 is hard.


No no sorry I meant the other one lol. Got a two Yr old boy and a little girl on the way in February. Lol god I wouldn’t be spending so much time at work if the new one was here now! The wife would END me haha


Ah, mine are two and five.

I’m the primary caretaker, mom gets to go out to chill out in her office, quiet and full of intellectually stimulating conversation and technical problems while I soothe one, clean the other, stop them from destroying themselves, the house, my toys, their own toys, themselves again, clean em up, clean the house, clean their clothes, get food, prepare it and then mom gets home and … fi…na…lly… my watch… has … ended.

Once the eldest started going to school, my life suddenly became a lot easier. At least some hours of relative peace. If I’m quick on the chores, I get the hours the little one naps in the afternoon before the boy gets home to fly a little. At evenings I’m often too dang tired to do more than crash or flunk take-off.

So yeah, no time for another Big Game :wink: Feels good to sing my blues in writing :smiley:


Dude you should enjoy every second of it. My little boy is my best mate (is that a bit sad?) I have to work every day pretty much so I can fly all summer. I’m currently doing nights for next 5 or 6 months so I’m sleeping most of the day and my shifts are Wednesday through to Sunday. Monday and Tuesday I’m trying to fly as well so I’m not seeing a lot of my little buddy at the moment. It will be worth it once I have a few more ratings and I can fly year round.
My wife grooms dogs part time at home so she can look after the little boy and now she’s fairly heavily pregnant she’s starting to slow down a little bit.
I’m absolutely Hammering the overtime at the moment so I can slow down in the late spring and get flying and earn a living from that but it’s not easy at the moment.
I missed duxford battle of Britain air show a few weeks ago as my shifts wouldn’t allow me to go and be back in time to drive all night. This was a bit gutting as I was really looking forward to a boys day out with my little buddy. But it will be worth it in the end.
Hats off to you for looking after both yours mate. It’s a job that in my head I would give anything to do but the reality of it as you explained is probably far removed from how I imagine it.


Yeah, you see, they tend to be super nice to the parent they don’t see all day.

From me all he hears all day is "don’t stick that up your nose! Stop wrestling your sister, those screams mean she does not like it! No! Put! That! DOWN! NOW!

From her the first thing he heard is “oh ho li’l buddy, I, missed you so much, c’mere have a cuddle! Sure I’ll read you fireman Sam again!”

Of course he’s her best buddy.

Let your wife read these posts, see if she agrees.

You sound like a great dad tho. Working like a dog to give them a future. Things will only get better. Easier.


She 100% agreed. Lol.

You are completely correct mate. He looks forward to seeing me as I would imagine I’m the ‘fun’ one in his eyes. But on a day to day basis my wife absolutely does a thousand times more actual fun stuff with him but because it’s interspersed with the discipline and the teaching he just won’t see see that till he’s older. I’m sure yours will appreciate the effort you go to for them giving them foundations to build on (see what I did there) in the future.

I work hard mate but so does everyone else. I took my little boy for a ride in my old lorry a while back and the look of wonder and joy on his little face was a sight to behold. I loved it. But I realised later on with the screech of brakes in my head as it hit me that if encouraged him to like the trucks I may set him up for the completely the wrong path in his life and he may end up doing the job I hate and detest.
I really want more from him so I sold a few things and bought some flying lessons. Then sold more stuff and bought more. Then a second job lol. It just bloody snowballs into working 20 hours a day 6 days a week. But he won’t be driving trucks if I have anything to say about it…


He’ll be flying. You can be quite certain of that.


One think Egosoft is reliable on, is that on release, for even the great versions of X, there is often mind blowing bugs. Its often a good tactic to hold off a month or two for the first patch to see what happens.

But I will be watching this too. Looks like highways are in again…:roll_eyes: But hopefully its a step in the right direction towards the old games.


Is it multi-ship at least? The Rebirth one with that lady yelling at me a lot I couldn’t cope with.


Yeah this one is supposed to be any ship