X4 Foundations


It looks pretty good so far on the live streams:


Most likely I will buy it as soon as a few bugs are ironed out and I have more time.


Just installed it, going to give it a try in the next day or two and will let you know!


Very keen to know your thoughts @Baltic_Dragon

I keep wondering what I’m missing out on…

Entering system… Argon prime.


My favourite thing to do in TC was stacking missions in my Advanced Chokaro - haul personnel, retrieve ships with extra jump engines (whatever those were called again) stored in the fighter bays etc.

I could take most types of ’vety hard’ missions in it and when a luxury personnel transport was required, I jumped one in the system.

Another fun activity was training a full squad of boron marines. The poor squiddies invariably started out completely useless so it took a lot of training and dead trainees before I had a capable squad…which was funny in itself. The best part was sending the finally trained crack squad to capture hard capital ships and listen them squeak their progress reports of the assault through the ether.


The first time I got a complex up and running after so much hard work was a proud moment for me!

I had a fleet and a load of galaxy traders making me money and guarding my factories but that moment of undocking from the hub and flying out into space spinning around and seeing the complex up and running and the ships buzzing around it was a fantastic feeling. God I love the x series.


Yeah that is an awesome feeling…I had a big boozeplex in yaki space that was my favourite :grin:…the contraband was legal in that sector and you’d get visitors from other parts buying the good stuff, haha.

Oh also - capturing a Hyperion Vanguard for the first time was unforgettable! Such a cool ship.


No way I never actually managed to get the vanguard! Very jealous that looked so awesome. I forget the name of the terran capital ship that i captured in albion prelude but it was my favourite ship for ages till it got lost in a save file malfunction :sob:


It cost me three full star marines from memory… I did it with an M7M missile boat, flails + hammers; start from the furthest gate to the target and keep the shields down with flails from the distance. It was tricky as too many flails would blow it up and due to the missile flight time you had to estimate the firing pace.

The Hyperion would speed at you angry as a hornet and if you get the timing right, the marines will reach the bridge and hack the core just as the Hyperion’s first ion shards will start tearing chunks off your M7M’s shields.

I still remember how that ship name turned green…”Your Hyperion Vanguard”. Amazing feeling, but the pressure was still on. You had to quickly transfer a jump drive and fuel over from a spare fighter before the angry Paranid capital ships roaming the core sectors would come and alpha strike your precious crown jewel to pieces.

Bummer, now I want to play X… :joy:


What start did you use most of the time? I always always ended up starting as humble trader. I swore I would break that pattern but I never managed it.


Mostly the same, humble trader…I did the Teladi start once, I think that had just a small fighter, not a lot of cash and only some of the factions were friendly…but no police actively chasing or anything. You got a speedier version of the Kea heavy fighter out of it, which was cool. Heaps of cargo.

I never did complete the main storyline - always ended up with some random odyssey of my own :grin:


Man I remember how tough the starts in X1 and X2 were. You had basically the smallest ship and weak weapons, and that was it.
Trading small stuff and so on. It felt like an eternity before you had your first station. That made you feel really proud when you finally had an empire running.
I was a bit disappointed when I played X3, which provided you with a lot more stuff from the start.


Same here! I attempted to do the terran missions on albion prelude once but it ended up being massive fetch quest at one point for satellites of some description and I quickly lost interest after the price of the cargo went astronomical and I couldn’t be bothered. I just really enjoyed the trading and empire building.

I was very concerned that X4 would end up having a multiplayer element to it. I really didn’t want this. One of my favourite things about the whole series was that I was the baddest bully in the galaxy… Elite dangerous made me feel under threat constantly and there was always someone better there nearby.
But x was mine. Ill never forget that feeling of control and power. Awesome stuff. Glad to find another fan. :+1:


After reading a few reviews about the game I think I’ll wait a few weeks to give Egosoft the opportunity to sort out some of the bugs and add a little bit of functionality, but… I admit the urge to buy it is rising.


Same here. I remember playing X2 and while i never managed to get a proper economy running, i certainly had a blast with the game.

I’m a bit hesitant about the part where there’s no real storyline to it, though.


Yeah - I started with TC and that did kind of ruin the earlier games for me, didn’t end up playing them much. I bet it was awesome achieving things in those :slightly_smiling_face:


Anyone know if it uses cloud saves, through steam or otherwise?

I might pick it up while I’m on a work trip but don’t want to play it just to lose the progress when I get back home and switch from the laptop to the desktop.

Edit - the Steam Store page does have it tagged as Steam Cloud so… probably?


@Baltic_Dragon just wondering if you tried it out yet? I keep trying not to spoil it for myself but I’m failing miserably at it. Had a good look at the map last night and it looks very interesting. Lots of recognisable places but all in different places which is interesting. I don’t know where on the timeline x4 sits so lots may of happened I don’t know about but I. Must. Not. Spoil. It…


Hey, yeah - I did try. I find it very promising, although still lacking in terms of the interface, ship steering (no way to make it work well on HOTAS for instance) etc. But it is in much better state that many other Egosoft releases on day 1 and I think around Christmas it will become very solid. For the moment I do recommend it!

Still, I remain true to my favourite Elite: Dangerous. If only we could walk around the ships or visit stations there…


One of these days I’m gonna play this game.

Bought X2
Bought X3
Bought X Rebirth VR

Have played maybe 10 minutes combined. :upside_down_face:

Any chance of VR integration?