X4 Foundations

I am 300 hours in now. Still doing Paranid and Split story missions, and I have a billion in cash now.

I recently built a boarding fleet, which is fun. I already captured some pirate destroyers which I now use as patrol ships.

I also claimed Heretic’s End as my own sector, and I am building more and more stations.
So yeah, I am nearing the endgame I guess. Having a lot of fun, and still so much to do.


Holy moly that Split campaign is expensive.

Cost me around 1.5 billion. I had to save a bit of money and I am basically broke now. But it was fun!

Next up: get into the Avarice campaign and finish the expensive part of the Paranid one.

Also: Kill more Xenon and finally buy that carrier.


just walking up to my latest acquisition :smiley:


The feeling of having bought something expensive and just walking around it is just great.

Man, I wish that game had VR. Even in 2D it is stunning sometimes, those ships and stations are absolutely massive.

Meanwhile I am 350 hours in and expanding some more. I now own two sectors, 50 stations, two carriers, and two dozen destroyers. Next up is the rest of the Avarice story.


is it me or does the ship at the 22 second mark look very familiar to Babylon5 fans :rofl:

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True. The Agamemnon looked very similar. I like it!


Yep think I have found my favourite capitol ship… I wouldn’t even care if the stats on it were terrible … when it has those looks :grinning: