X4 Foundations

At least all the money you wasted was pretend-money. :+1:


Yeah, I keep thinking of how much that sucks when it happens in real life, like with the Berlin airport or the Stuttgart train station.

In a game it is fun.


You gotta think macro. Keynes would be proud of you.


Our local authority (i use the term loosely, i despise all of them) have spent 65 million on an unwanted park and ride system at a major hub, a quarter of a mile from an already massively underutilised one.
Its completely Finished but it came out this week that they havent built any access roads. They havent got the money to allow them to be built. So its being mothballed for 2 years minimum.

It would be funny if it wasn’t happening 10 miles away from here

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Meanwhile, less than 2km from my house:

Built with Federal Funding (i.e. taxpayers money) to address a mobile/cell coverage blackspot. This tower was completed in October 2022.

The problem is. Optus (a telco) ‘owns’ the tower and Telstra (another telco) owns the fibre optic trunk at the end of the road that it needs to patch into. Because they can’t come to an agreement over fees or sharing each others infrastructure. We still have no mobile/cell coverage in this area. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I thought that nonsense went away when Trujillo left? Not that the Optus management are any good (lets apply a patch which we don’t understand the dependencies to production! Oh and lets do it when the Singtel board are visiting…)

I can’t believe the expense and lack of service we suffer under with the telecomms sector here. We should have either completely privatised it or kept it completely under government control - either would be better than what we have now!

/old man rant over … at least I avoided “it was better when…” :older_man:

Edit: I want to upvote your post for solidarity, but I’m not sure a ”like” is the right response to what you’re talking about. But take my “like” as “I agree and commend your post”, as that is how it’s intended


80 hours in, going strong.

But so are the enemies. The Split are losing more and more sectors and Ianamus Zura is under siege as well. Even the pirates attack with L ships now.

At least the Khaak aren’t too much of a problem anymore after I found out what to do against them.

I need a carrier or large destroyer next it seems.
I have nothing that can destroy the larger Xenon ships.

I have a few stations now (5, three of which are just solar power plants, one is food, and one is stuff that is needed to build ships) and my fleet is growing. My current player ship is a Terran corvette (Katana class).

Story is also fun so far, I finally found the Borons!


I just soloed my first Xenon K, yay!

Turns out that rear firing plasma turrets with good range are a great idea if you have a ship that can fly a little bit faster than the enemy. The Xenon turrets have only 6km range.

My ship is a Paranid Odysseus (size L destroyer) that I found and just upgraded a bit.

My previous tactic was disabling their turrets with my corvette (they have some serious blind spots you can hide in) and then whittle them down with a ship that has plasma cannons.

Has anyone tried rail guns? I saw them as an option and they have an awesome range, but I am not sure if they do enough damage.


I’m way behind. Got caught on a fallout 3 kick again.
Plan to get back to it this evening


Failed. Fallout 3 is really really fun


Fallout 3 is an absolute classic :+1:


Meanwhile (140 hours or so in) I am slowly getting a proper grasp of this game. Still a lot to do but I am getting there.

I bought three destroyers from the Paranids (same class as the one I found), upgraded my Teladi one, and let them all together block a few gates to Xenon sectors.
I then built a few stations that make money from supplying shipyards with high tech wares, which allowed the Teladi and Split economy to recover and allowed them to build their own defense fleets.

I then helped the Split get back the Family Tkr sector, and have a dozen stations up and running (five in Split space, one in Terran, the rest is Teladi).

Everyone at least tolerates me, except the Khaak and the Xenon of course.

The pirates are a proper annoyance, and the Khaak are even worse. I have patrol ships (a fighter group and a few corvettes) that patrol sectors, but they pop up so quickly and kill stuff (miners and sometimes traders) so quickly that I often cannot do anything except watch.

Edit: forgot to mention the coolest thing:
In that sector that constantly gets attacked by Xenon raids (which get killed by my destroyers) I built one of those scrap recycling factories from the Tides of Avarice DLC. I doubt that it will ever pay for itself because I had to build 18 solar panels and the station was VERY expensive, but I really get a kick out of watching the Xenon get recycled into hull parts and claytronics for the wharfs and for building stations. I basically farm the Xenon now.


Meanwhile, I am 200 hours in. Still haven’t finished the Terran story but did a lot of the Boron one, which is fun! Investing a lot in their sectors.

I hope I get to the Split one before the Xenon wipe out Zyarth, it doesn’t look good for them right now.

One thing I wish I had learned sooner: swarms of fighters are good. Like, really good. And the fighter pilots level up rather quickly, which is nice if you want three-star pilots for automatic trading.


I’m still messing around with x4. Very much enjoying it. Glad you are having fun @Aginor. Times a Premium currency at the moment in my house


How long do we think before v7.0 is out of Beta?

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No clue. If nothing changed since the X3 days then Egosoft likes taking their time.

X4 now officially restored Egosoft’s reputation in my eyes. That took some time after the flaming dumpster fire that was X:Rebirth.
It just feels like the old times with the other games of the series.