X4 Foundations


Have not played Rebirth, But the time sink alone for X2 and X3 should see you through to retirement.


They promised VR somewhere along the way but it will probably take a year or two at least…


So I purchased X4. Hadn’t played an X series game since X2/3 (which I loved).

Like most of you have said, prolly should of waited for a while. The patches are coming out fast and up to v1.3
I must confess that although the game is beautiful - I don’t have a clue how to do anything. No manual, and in-game tutorials don’t do much for me. Can’t get the game to recognize my X-55 throttle, so tried a mouse. How bogus is that…

Even with all the frustration, I’m having fun!
…and until the Tomcat arrives…


That’s interesting about the stick. I actually played x3 reunion and terran conflict with mouse and keyboard as I didn’t own a proper flightstick at that point. It’s wasn’t actually too bad if I’m honest.
The only tricky bit I struggled with was the roll axis being on the mouse and yaw being on the keyboard but I got used it. But just buzzing around was perfectly fine.
when I finally plugged my stick into it out of curiosity after getting upset with elite dangerous it was like I fell into an x3 rabbit hole again lol. Spent a loooot of time in albion prelude…

Really glad your enjoying it dude. Can’t wait to try it out myself when time permits and some Christmas relative steam vouchers hopefully drop lol. It’s encouraging to see someone having fun with it. :+1:


Update 1.50 dropped on the 20th.

Bugfixes aplenty but the big news is they have added an online mode…

To an x game.

Apparently at the moment you can set up a station and send an S or an M type ship to other people’s x game to have a look around and see the ship designs.

I nearly pulled the trigger and bought it a minute ago but i think I may have to take this off of my wishlist if this is going to be implemented. Not got anything against online games in the right context but I just don’t see any way of this being a good thing for this game.

Very gutted as I was looking forward to this game a lot. Honestly if I wanted to play online there is a lot of options elsewhere. I’ve just bought elite dangerous horizons instead as it was £4.95.

I’ll keep my eye on x4. But I’m definitely gonna leave it for now and maybe start a new albion prelude game instead.


IIRC it has been designed with an opt in/out option


Yeah you don’t have to play Online. I will play it purely offline as well.


Maybe it’s just me then. Not my cup of tea :tea:

Feels like a waste of resources that could be better applied to making the universe a bit more complete


Have been loving the new X game … but just thought I would share a small bit of advice… when wondering around a space station and going onto other peoples ships… be careful … there i was looking around the bridge of this massive cargo ship … when it starts taking off … and my ship was back on the station, I know what to do, I will just jump out the cargo ship in my space suit and EVA back to the station. but no when i got outside the ship you seem to get carried with it until you are a certain distance from it … so the final up shot of all this was me, approx 10 km from the station in open space, with a just crumby jet pack to get back.


:slight_smile: What are you going to do? Leave a weight on the thrust key and come back overnight? What sort of speed do you get on a jet pack?


no… I took the cowards way out and reloaded from my last save which was about 10 min before the incident
the jet pack does about 5ms… so it would have taken forever


X4 needs Fuel Rats that specialize in retrieving wayward EVA spacemen.


Any suggestions on a video that shows the current state of X4 and that gives a good overview of the gameplay?


I quite enjoyed this one


I’m so… Weak…

Badly written review coming soon I guess.