X4 Foundations

I am so glad it isn’t just me :rofl:

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Yep mining crystals is a great way to get some quick cash for a mining ship :grinning:

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Slow down lee, I’m still working out station trading :joy::joy::joy:


I am the opposite, I have hardly traded anything.

But my miner is complete, yay! …and now it doesn’t do anything since the pilot is level zero…

(Looks like I have to mine manually for a bit)


It’s easy money … just head to an asteroid field and look around till you see something sparkling on an asteroid …shoot it, collect the bits and sell at any station … you can make some serious cash depending on the colour of the crystals


That’s the bit which is a pain, getting your pilots leveled up so they can work on their own

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I wonder what those seminars do.
I bought a few for cheap. A “basic one” and a one “star” one. Does the 1* set that skill to 1*, or increase it by one star?

And what does t bbabasic one do? Set it to zero stars? And why?

If I recall a pilot with 1 star can mine locally and sell locally … and yes you can use the seminars to increase the star rating if pilots otherwise it seems to take forever… I think basic is one star and 1 star increases it by 1 star, but it’s been a while since I played


with 0 stars you can local auto mine and I have found for traders fill shortages is quite good for pilots with low stars


Tried it. Works as you described.

However I encountered something weird. The automatic mining in the sector only worked properly after these two conditions were met:

  • pilot had two stars
  • I was out of that sector.

No clue why, but I flew back after some time to go and watch the guys mine, and they started “Searching for ressources” flying circles.

200k credits every 20 minutes isn’t bad though. I hope they start again when I fly away.


Will Ferrell Lol GIF by NBA


Meanwhile it dropped to 100k on average.

Still good. I now have six miners (three in the Asteroid Belt, three in the Oort Cloud, always one for gas and two for the two most common ores) and two freighters (one in an Argonian, one in a Teladi sector) as well as a six cheap but fast recon ships that clear the fog in the sectors.

So… Basically everyone else is working and I am just flying around looking at stuff and spending the money. That’s how being a CEO works, isn’t it?

I do missions occasionally. Those story missions are good fun.


This is something new for the series. I’m enjoying them as well.

Weren’t there story missions in both X2 and X3?

I mean, they were a bit barebones but I think there were a few.

The ones I am playing right now are apparently (based on achievements I get) from the Tides of Avarice and Cradle of Humanity DLCs.


Yes very much so, i meant more that they were not very interesting! Its much more exciting this time around

I’m doing the tides of avarice and kingdom end stories first. But i confess to still learning and going slowly with it all


I haven’t met any Borons yet, except in one story mission. That’s a bit sad. But I met at least one individual of all other races on Teladi stations.


don’t think you will meet any borons in the normal game … they all scarpered off somewhere, unless you have the Kingdoms end dlc … apparently they come back in that one

personally I liked the split ships

reminded me a bit or the Narn from Babylon 5 and the paranid looked a bit like the centari

now that would be epic a total conversion mod for bablyong 5 … you could set the xenon as the shadows


I always liked them as well, visually. But I didn’t like their tiny cargo bays.

Most of the time I used boron or argon ships.

In X4 I am not sure yet. I will have to look through them to find out what I want. So far I only have Terran ships because that’s where I started.

Edit: and the Khaak would make better Shadows IMO. But yeah, that would be a cool mod.


I am am quite enjoying the missions. Made a pretty penny this afternoon doing random stuff like breaking lockboxes, blowing up mines and fixing leaks.
Random, but engaging enough gameplay


Meanwhile: I had to stop mining in Sol’s Asteroid Belt. The Khaak keep coming out of asteroids and destroying my mining ships.
Patrols don’t help, the miners just die too quickly. Unless I escort each of them with a frigate that’s not feasible.

Also: I used to be otherwise pretty decent in the economy side of things when I played X2 and X3, but I always sucked at station planning/building.

…and I still do!
I just spent 10 million for blueprints and am almost finished building my first station. And now I put the thing into a station planner app and… It will create around 23k credits per hour. This is bad.

On the good side of things: I now have two three star pilots (former recon ship drivers) who now fly 3-hop tours in Teladi space (anchored in a sector with as many connections as I could find) doing auto-trading, and my miners shovel in money as well.

I also got lucky and found a frigate. It is kinda slow though. Might help in combat missions.


My station becomes more and more hilarious by the minute.

I noticed that I forgot to place both shields and turrets, so that’s another two million credits down the drain.

I also placed a habitat module to make it at least a bit efficient so it can maybe break even if I play the game long enough.

However that added to the cost, and the manager decided to fill up all the storage with food and medicine for the workers, which cost another two million or so.

Oh, and then they said they didn’t have drones. Not sure what they need them for but I ordered them to produce two dozen because those can’t be too expensive, right?

…they used all energy cells that the station produces, and started buying expensive ones from stations nearby. Another half million down the drain.

…and all that while NOT producing something to sell, because they used up the ressources for the drones and stuff.

So yeah, at this point I could probably start wearing that clown wig and paint my face.

It is hilarious, only the sunk cost fallacy and the urge to learn how it works (so I can maybe eventually stop doing everything wrong) keeps me from blowing up that station.

Having a blast. :slight_smile: