Xfinity presents “The Aviators”



godDAMN that was awesome!

They don’t sell wifi as much as they sell DCS and VR lol :metal:


Interesting :thinking: If it nudges VR forward I’m all for it.

That was a feel-good six minutes. Thanks @Toxin1!

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That was a very cool commercial.

I have to say, it gives me a lot of comfort (if that is the right word), that when my time comes to hang up the headset, there will be still be VR flying.

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It made me think of this guy:

The one on the left - my grandad. Horrible capture (with the phone camera) but…him and his bud built[1] this for traveling airshows better part of a century ago. IIRC they would give rides for like a nickel or something like that.

I know for sure he’d get a kick out of VR = everyone told me we were a lot alike, even physically. He used to scare the krap outta me on crazy amusement park rides when I was a little boy.

[1] Not sure this is the one they actually built - it may be their second one, and I don’t know his friends name (would help), posing next to the ‘shiny’ new one. Granny said they had this one around 1929-ish…whoa…the internet to the rescue.

This page:


Led me to this


That is amazing @jross . I wonder what happened to the airplane. It would be quite something if it was still out there somewhere.

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A query, from here:

The results are same as other site. Not sure what all the values mean but it would seem the owner is the same? I’d think in that amount of time it would’ve changed hands a few times?

My guess is the ‘owner’ field is the last owner, not original - the name seems to be from a [living?] person in the midwest (they flew it all over the midwest back then too).

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I bet that if you manage to get an address, armed with the photo you posted above, you would probably get an invite to at least see the airplane…maybe even get a flight in it.

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I may make a call tomorrow. Would be something.

I actually have a phone number! This might get interesting…


If you do call, please let us know how it goes!


Man, I’d love to have an old Waco or Travelwing.

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