[XP11] Idaho Bush Strip Pack (WIP)

Hi guys,

I’ve recently discovered the joy of orthophoto’s and with it a sense of awe I hadn’t experienced in a while in a flight sim.
But I was quickly confronted with one rather annoying aspect of ortho’s…




And the list goes on and on, making the vast majority of those bush strips unplayable.
So, I’ve decided to tackle the problem, at least try to. I realised it wasn’t just about correcting the alignment, most of the surrounding vegetation was gone, along with the “bush strip” feeling.

It wasn’t easy to find reference pics for these strips so I just tried to make them blend nicely with their surroundings.
I hope to share a first batch within the next couple of days.
They are not all bush strips, some are just the Mudspike Air Delivery FBO’s in FSE :slight_smile:

Coming soon:
ID92. Mudspike Air Cargo HQ
No ATC, no runway light but plenty of beers and a race track (it’s there in reality too)

ID86 - Deadwood Dam strip

with its downhill runway into the lake

ID35 - High Valley airport

U98 - Idaho City US Forest Service strip

52U - Weatherby USFS strip

U45 - Graham USFS strip

ID88 - Tracy’s ranch

ID17 - Seven Devils


That is really nice work! I gave up on Blairstown because I haven’t a clue what I am doing. You obviously do.

Thanks smokinhole!


Very nice!

I like the way the wheels and shocks interact with the surface!
Bring on VR for XP11!!! :slight_smile:

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Great work @EightBall. You’ve obviously got some moving making chops to go along with your painting and scenery editing skills!

Did you start with the prebuilt US Orthophotos, or build using Ortho4XP? By any chance have you come across Johnson’s Creek in your Idaho bush strip journey?

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Awesome stuff. If you’re able to post to the org, I’d love to download this stuff. Livery too!

Thanks guys

I haven’t yet, will add it to my list :slight_smile:

Yup, will do ASAP. The skin is already available here

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oh ya! forgot about that. Time for a C172 skin :wink:

Holy cow that’s a cool strip and video. I might have to run me a load of beer into the Mudspike strip…!

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