Zibo mod B737-800X

Such a fantastic free aircraft.

I use this a lot, so I thought it was big enough to merit its own topic.

One new feature in v3.31 is the VR steering tiller. Works so well. The latest AVItab integration is great as well, as is the Terrain Radar.

Anyone else fly this?


I fly it as well, it’s a great addition to XP11 (and one of the main reasons I finally purchased XP11).

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Yeah…I really like it. Pretty hard to believe something like that is free. There is also a 737-900 based on the Zibo mod. The X-Plane ORG links are dead, but these still work…


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I’m a sucker for all the ambient noises as well, with the call-outs etc. Over time the zibo has got better and better, and agreed - amazing it’s all free.

Because my computer is not very well (as documented here: Delid My CPU - #51 by fearlessfrog Status: waiting for bits to arrive in mail) I’ve not been able to flight sim that much, or not much without it shutting down out of heat exhaustion. It’s a sad story, and I’ve got Bill Murray lined up for the movie.

To fill the time, I’ve revisited my cold and dark 737 start-up procedures. In VR I used the Avitab in-built checklist, but it’s not very good, so I hunted around for some better ones.

Here’s a picture one, although it is translated from French, so it is a little bizarre in places.

737-800 zibo C&D V11.fr.en.pdf (4.4 MB)

Next up is a better one, and that I used quite a lot, but I got fed up with doing the safety and lights tests. It’s not like I am ever going to do this for real:

Boeing 737-800 Checklist.pdf (710.0 KB)

After that I found a ‘one page’ summary one. Resolution in VR isn’t great, so it is good to have it all one page rather than scroll around in the avitab Charts window (where you put these PDFs). It’s pretty good (wrong in a few places I think) with the only downside being the font is really hard to read in VR:

one-page-startup.pdf (1.1 MB)

So to solve that, I made this, which is essentially a Mr Magoo-o-vision bit version for AviTab in VR, just to help remind me to do different bits and when:

ZIBO 737 800 Abridged Checklist.pdf (415.1 KB)

Btw, the new 737-700U is the cutest thing in the world. Look at this lil’ thing:

The 737-700U (which is based on the Zibo mod) is found here:


EDIT: Added a better pic of ol’ Stubby, as that VR one is not good.


As now proficient in all the cold start knobs and buttons, I’m getting lazy and am using my Roomba Guy here to do some of the set-up. Works pretty well, although a bit fiddly in VR, as you either have to bind a button or use the VR Plugin/Copilot menu.

The video is worth a watch just because I still find it astounding that Zibo etc is free , X-Plane cost’s like $50 or so and this stuff works so well in VR. Amazing really.

The stuff I use that is missing in the above video is Pilot2ATC for proper radio comms and World Traffic 3 for busy airports and routes. Very immersive stuff.


I’m jealous for the in cockpit PFD…(from an Aerofly 2 perspective anyway). That Zibo mod is really something else. I’ve been eyeing that payware A320 Ultimate during this sale, trying to logic myself into becoming a full fledged Airbus pilot. I dunno though.

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Yeah, I’m staring longingly at that A320 U as well. I did a fair bit on the FSX side with the Airbus before and really enjoyed the managed / manual and general ideology of the systems. So different to the Boeing way.

For the Zibo Avitab it works so well in VR. Until recently I did realize that the Better Pushback free plugin works in VR in there as well. So much amazing stuff for free in the XP11 ecosystem.

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Yeah. My P3D purchases have pretty much completely dried up. Sometimes I imagine that I’ll fly all around the Canary Islands or something with all my payware, but when it comes time to hit the “launch program” button I’m usually turning to X-Plane or Aerofly FS2. I’ll barely look back once Air Hauler gets released for X-Plane. ORBX will stand to gain a lot of money from me (again) with some of their detailed airports for the PNW if and when they get around to that. I just hope X-Plane 12 is still five years distant.

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I heard that the ToLiss A319 has ended up being the better product for XP11. I haven’t spent any time recently with the FF A320 Ultimate though. YMMV.

Quite a difference in price at the moment, Toliss $56 vs FlightFactor $79.95

Is the Toliss ok in VR, as the video showed quite a few 2D set-up screens? The Ultimate does claim VR as a feature.

EDIT: The Toliss 1.3 version update does show ‘VR manipulator support’, so that looks promising.

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I can’t claim to have hands on experience with the ToLiss version. I’m just repeating what I have read.

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Ah, understood. As it’s the sale this weekend I think I’ll pick it up and see. Will report back :slight_smile:

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I’m halfway through this hour and a half video comparing the ToLiss to the FlightFactor by a real Airbus pilot. Pretty interesting video.

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I think I may wait on this one. Everything I’ve read on the ToLiss VR support says that it is VR mouse option only, rather than the hand controllers.

I think I’ve been spoilt by Zibo here, in that if I do go Airbus then I really want hand controller support as well. I don’t think I even have the HOTAS set up for X-Plane anymore, as so much prefer the virtual wavy way.

I’ll keep an eye out though, in that if ToLiss or FF add more VR controller support then it will be ideal.

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