2017 Health & Fitness thread


Hehe, some nice stat!


5K time appears to be trending down.


1Lb of sweat gone…before run 194.4. After 193.6. So far lost 6 pounds in two weeks.

3.16 miles run in 28 min. then rtb home with fast walk.

Edit. I think calories counter doesn’t work correctly… Run should be about 450 and walk about 190 totaling 650.


You think that’s bad? You should see what Strava is doing. For a one hour max effort ride (like an FTP test) it tends to be off by several hundred.


I’ve seen that too.


Yes, even data reported directly from Garmin might differ due to Strava’s algorithm’s. I always doubt it a little. Not as bad as some other apps though.


With the first quarter of the year behind us I thought I’d do a little status report.

So far this year, I’ve been commuting by bike every single day. Monday-Friday - wether it’s snowing, raining or sunny - it doesn’t matter, I just ride. In other words: 57-65km per day 5 days a week.
I haven’t missed a single day of work and I’ve never been in better shape in my entire life. It feels great. I love the workout, I love meeting other riders, a lot of them fellow commuters. Ditching the car in favour of my bike has worked out great for me. I feel better, I’m more awake when I get into work and I feel like I can actually concentrate better and for longer periods at a time.
I spend a lot less money on stuff like fuel/maintenance so I have more money to spend on fun stuff. Like a new bike, which I really hope arrives soon™ (It’s almost been six weeks since I ordered it. Aaaaargh…).

I’ve had a slight cold during the first week of march following my insane 244km ride into the snowy hills of the Sauerland but that passed quickly. I attribute that to my fitness. In the past a slight cold often lead to worse but not this time.

I started the year with the intention to gain weight since I’m underweight (always have been) and so far I’ve gained almost 3kg since the start of the year. Not much on the first look but considering how much I ride it’s actually quite a lot and although I haven’t gained much in the last weeks compared to the two months before, I hope to add a few more kilos before the end of the next quarter. I just need to keep eating.

Now, let’s get to some numbers:

  • Distance: 4685km
  • Time: 190h 36min
  • Average Speed: ~24.6km/h
  • Elevation Gain: roughly 14000m, the Garmin isn’t super precise.
  • Rides: 153
  • Longest Ride: 244km

Over the last month I rode, on average:

  • 12 rides/week
  • 366km/week
  • 14h 25min/week
  • ~25.4km/h average speed
  • Longest Ride: 109.4km

I really miss DCS though. There just isn’t enough time. However, that’s not due to the fact that I spend up to 2:30h in the saddle every day, but rather that I have a lot more stuff going on outside of work which cuts into my free time and I’ve decided that riding my bike is more important than DCS.
That being said, May is approaching fast and that means public holidays - lot’s of them. I’ll definitely find some time to play again!


PS: wear a helmet!

See that crack? Doesn’t look like much but this helmet saved me from a pretty bad head injury, if not worse.


That’s really impressive. Keep it going.


Gentle run yesterday,morning after a party :wink: also did a loop in the sporting park because the ground is a bit softer there!


I’m amazed at professional cyclists. Working out this week in 30 min segments daily…and just maintaining 140-150 watts for 25-30 minutes is pretty sweat inducing for me. How these pro cyclists maintain 300+ watts for hours on end is just mind blowing to my weak-ass legs! They really are incredible machines!


It is indeed amazing, although I’ve always found it easier to keep up a pace when biking outside compared to sitting on a stationary machine.


Definitely. I don’t have a powermeter and my bike is pretty heavy with a rather relaxed riding position but I guess I barely put out more than 170W average when I’m trying really hard. According to some calculators that let you select the riding position, tyres, cadence and weight of your bike plus environmental factors I put out an estimated 140-160W on a normal commute (24-27km/h average).

Monday-Wednesday was pretty calm and I actually averaged over 27km/h for those three days. On Tuesday I went as hard as I could on my way home for a 29km/h average. It felt really good.


One week ago I tried to go as hard as I could over the course of roughly one hour. It was a relatively calm day with a light wind from SW and the interesting thing I noted after the ride was that my speed didn’t vary much but looking at the heartrate you can clearly see the point in my ride where I turned back north east:

Edit: Ignore the estimated power. I’m pretty sure it’s off by quite a margin.


I hate plateaus.


First proper testride with the new bike. It’s seriously quick. I love the gearing (compact 50/34T chainring, 12-25T 11-speed cassette).
Shifting is quick, responsive and smooth and after braking them in, the hydraulic discs are very powerful if need be and offer very fine control which builds confidence. I’m curious to see how they behave in rain.
The Continental’s are surprisingly comfortable. I’m running 7bar in the front, 7bar in the back and they are a lot more comfortable than Schwalbe Marathon Plus at 6bar.
The saddle is also good but I knew that already.
It’s truly an amazing setup for commuting and touring. I’m very happy!


That’s a beauty…!


This week’s stats. Biked to the city to get some new running gear. Ran after work this week short of tuesday which was my day off(before that evening shifts, always hard to fit in a run).

Been sick and still have some trouble getting back up to pace. Oh well, the weather is getting better and I’m still having fun. Perhaps a easy run tomorrow to stimulate some muscle growth, if the weather is nice :wink:


Wow, I had to scroll down A LOT to get here!
How are y’all doing?

I am slightly below 92kg now, which means I lost almost 15 pounds this year! Yay! :slight_smile:


I’m up to 54.8kg and since getting my new bike I’ve been increasing my riding distance quite a bit. I’m already up to over 700km this month and I’m going to add another 100-160km over the coming weekend.

I also have become an uncle for the second time. My sister gave birth to a healthy little boy last Friday and my photography skills have been requested for Sunday. All in all I’m doing very well.

Some stats:


I’m down 10 pounds. Now sitting at 218 and falling… Eating less and eliminating sweets has resulted in a slow weight loss over the months. Work has been a bit nuts with a lot of pilots leaving, so I haven’t had as much time for activities unfortunately.