2017 Health & Fitness thread


I’ve done 50 km of running since the year started. One fifth of my 250 km goal for this year. I need to average 6 km per week. Current pace is just under 6 mins per km. I will join my city’s company run at the end of next month and will try to get as close to the 5 min mark as possible.


Crap. Injured self and didn’t run for a month. Slacked off and still at 190.


Doing pretty well, my step size was too big, have shortened it and will have to keep rest for a week, after that I should be rocking about again! :smiley:


Over the weekend I somehow bounced up three pounds again it seems…
I will just continue and hope it was just some weird constipation problem or something… :smiley: :smiley:


I feel ya’. I have two days off starting tonight. The temptation to BEER instead of a glass or two or red wine is great. Beer is bad for weight loss though. Wine is definitely better.


Ehhh… no. Calories-wise wine is double the amount of regular beer.

…I’ll have to check the stuff y’all Americans are calling “beer” though, not sure about that. But a good Tannenzäpfle Pilsener has around 50kcal/100ml while wine has about 80-90kcal per 100ml

Also I drink half a crate of beer every week these days, that might be related to my weight gain… :smiley:


uh… for us non-euros… how many beers in a crate? LOL Crates over here are pretty big!


24 beers in a single crate. I think about 330ml per beer.


That’s called a 2-4. Because there are 24. Geez guys.


It isn’t the calories, it is the quantity. I tend to sip wine…might be happy at two glasses in an evening. Whereas beer - I can easily drink a six pack. So roughly 150 cal x 6 = 900 cal

…wheras three 5 oz. glasses of wine is roughly 122 x 3 = 366 cal. (that is about half a bottle…which is probably about right for an evening…maybe a bottle in a half if we are watching a good movie…)


I see the problem here, Beach :stuck_out_tongue:

“Might be happy at two glasses in an evening.”

–does math–

three 5oz glasses



I rounded up…


We call it a crate. Because it’s a crate…

geeeezzz :wink:


Speaking of beer, this is what I worked on for 4 days last week. Before you is the brew house, where filtered water, grain, hops, and other ingredients of a recipe are worked up before being sent to the 10 large uni-tanks (roughly 945 US gallons each) for fermentation and chilling. We are about 2 weeks from brewing and probably 3 to 4 from opening doors. I can say emphatically and am living proof, that drinking a lot of high gravity craft beer is not good for middle aged man’s waist line. Must add mileage :slight_smile:


Well fine. If you’re actually gonna crate them.


Why else do you think we call it a crate of beer?! because we use convenient 55gal barrels?! :wink:


A good bourbon, neat or on the rocks, at roughly 60 calories per 1 oz shot (schuz) is a fairly good return for caloric investment in taste and relaxation qualities, IMO. Savored thusly, you can just squeeze the edge of a rocks glass under the nose indentation on your Oculus Rift too. :slight_smile:


Whoa, hey, whoa! It’s 2017, not 1998! The craft brew scene in America is established and booming! :smiley:


And here you will scare away any German :scream:

I’m not sure if we are still on topic.

BTW, in Berlin our crates are 24 x 0.5 l


Just checked, our bottles are 250ml so half of the german size.