2017 Health & Fitness thread

Or slow cook you with a dry run and serve you with vinegar based sauce and hush puppies. Though that’s still not exactly paleo.


Let’s see how his finely tuned middle distance muscles handle a 40 yard (36.6 meters) sprint :smiley: Of course @TheAlmightySnark is bound to be lean and mean, so he doesn’t need to enable his WEP.

Frickin’ vendor brought in SmokeBelly BBQ for lunch today. And the Christmas baskets haven’t been picked over nearly enough.


Yeah, I’m not too optimistic about my 40, though my trainers have all marveled that i still have rugby legs.

@chipwich, I keep unsalted cashews, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, and roasted chickpeas in my desk.

Bloody yards. I am not jumping the fences of 40 people’s yards, likely to get stabbed!

Wot chu guys talk’n boot?

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So I did know what you meant by Shred when you referenced me @AeroMechanical, But it the thread went this way, and skiing and fitness are inextricably linked.

In fact, it is one of the surer ways to hurt yourself to be out of shape and going warp six on a pair of GS boards with trees as your boundaries.

Have been twice this year but the snow has not been good. My legs were rubber as well.


I can just post my Garmin stats verbatim from the last 2 months if you want to feel bad :wink:

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I really need to get one of those.

Is anybody here on Strava, Fitocracy, or Myfitnesspal?

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Just using standard garmin software that come with the Pheonix watch.

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My watches are all dumb.

I mostly use Garmin Connect that comes with those fancy smart watches of them. It does push a bunch of data to Runkeeper and Strava but I don’t look too much at those.


I wish mine was, it keeps calling me a fat ■■■■■■■.

But I think something like My Fitness Pal or strava is a good motivation tool to share between friends.


All my cycling stuff is recorded on Strava and Garmin Connect via my garmin edge. It’s a great way to analyse your data and builds up into a fascinating record of your activities long term.

As they say “If it’s not on Strava then you haven’t done it”.

They say lots of silly things they do.

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Strava is great. I used to use it pretty heavily when I was cycling and then after that running. But I don’t cycle anymore due to back troubles, and don’t run long distance because it doesn’t work well training for lacrosse. I do strap a GPS on my helmet once in a while for kicks playing lacrosse. This is what 1 goal, 3 assists, and 3 ground balls looks like for a game over the summer lacrosse league last year. First half (top) definitely has more activity. 95 F ambient plus 10 more degrees playing on turf. Was hot!


So how do you guys time yourself for the 40 meter… uh… yard sprint?

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Use the neighbour’s yard.


if you live you made it on time :smiley:


Day 2 at the YMCA. Still gloriously quiet this morning. Granted, the students next door won’t be back until next week, except for several of the dance team who were here this morning. Other than that, old people and a few other younger professionals.

Hoping it’s not a fluke.

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I managed to lose 5 lbs. by being dreadfully sick. On the downside of an ugly chest cold that I caught right before the turn of the New Year. Hope to hop on the stationary bike this evening and start up the workout program…and have lots of hiking planned for this weekend.

I’ll have to update my MyFitnessPal stats…


You can do it!

@Navynuke99 sounds like a nice place to workout then!


So long as the State Legislature isn’t in session; they all work out and play racketball here. And without getting political, let’s just say I’ll have a hard time being so polite to them after the last few months.

Though I will say some of the college kids come in with incredibly amusing shirts.

Today: guns out for Harambe.


Sorry to hear about the chest cold, but glad to hear about the hiking. Do you all also have snow in the forecast for the weekend?