2017 Health & Fitness thread

Yeah…snow is in the forecast…!

@Rhinosaurus METAR raw report: CYOW 041338Z 00000KT 1SM R07/5000VP6000FT/D -SN OVC005 M00/M01 A2928 RMK SN6ST2 SLP921.

I don’t want to hear about snow :stuck_out_tongue: We have more ice slush and snow than I like.

ok well that’s not all -that- impressive, but trust me, there’s plenty of it!

Yeah, there’s an ugly case of bronchitis going around this year. Most people I know have had it, including my immediate family, brothers, friends, and business partners. It hangs around for about 3 weeks and I’m two weeks in.

In the States, we have community sports fields around for soccer, football, and lacrosse. Some are county owned and maintained for public use, and are usually open when games or practices aren’t scheduled. In the Atlanta area they tend to be artificial turf, which drains really well, but can be hot in the summer. Most of these fields are multi-lined in that they might be marked off for football, lacrosse (both men’s and women’s), and soccer, sometimes for youth and adult versions. There are tracks around too, but mostly on school or college campuses, which may or may not be open to the public. Tracks in the US are usually 440 yds or just over 400 meters.

So, at least in the US, it shouldn’t be hard to find a field that already lined. I’m not sure about the rest of the world. It seems in my travels that there are soccer fields everywhere, and places like Germany have basketball courts at most public schools. I suppose that the challenge in using a soccer field is the the dimensions seem to be rather variable, whereas American football the field is almost always 100 yds in length, marked off in 5 yrd increments.

You folks living in other countries, do you think that it will be hard to find 36.6 mtrs of course to run? This isn’t the Olympics, so it doesn’t have to be exact to the mm. The reason that I thought 40 yrds would be good, because it’s the NFL standard, which seems to have some interest outside of the US (@Aginor’s NFL thread) and it is a good general distance for most field sports to judge one’s general fitness.

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I just shoveled a whole lot of snow. That has to be sufficient for today…
As for the 40 yards: should be doable. Let’s see…

I doubt I’d be able to find a 40y marked space, especially in the winter. Maybe in the summer, but even then, I’d have to go out and measure it myself. There’s no marked indoor track near me that is free use.

That being said 30 yards is pretty easy if you have access to a full-size baseball diamond, as the markings for first/third base locations should be present on the fences (or actually visible on the ground where they should go), and 90ft = 30 yd.

Of course that only helps in the summer too if you get snow in winter.

On board with using MyFitnessPal stats. Been using it for almost a year with Garmin Connect, I have a Vivomove after completely destroying a Vivofit in less than four months.

You tall guys have it easy. You can carry more. I’m 5’7", so I don’t get as much structure to hang weight on.

My lower back objects to that comment…! Creak…

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Yeah, but our knees are less likely to call it quits at age 60.


The man paints a picture, doesn’t he?

I’m grounded from bouldering due to a possible shoulder injury, so my bum currently lacks the sunshine it usually emits.


I’m OK with 30, but how will we ever know if we have made the wrong career choice and could have played in the NFL :smile:


OK today is my first real test of the year. I’m out with my cycling club today which is full of seasoned French cyclists who are half of my weight. As a chubby Brit they seem to take great pleasure in riding me into the ground until I promise I will pay for the cakes in the bar afterwards. Then they slow down, the thing is they all seem to eat twice as much as me! How does that work?


One of my favorite hell-ride moments was quite a few years back when I went out mountain biking with a friend (actually, a flight sim developer that created the Aeroworx King Air - he lived right down the road from me). We are hitting a local mountain bike trail hard…it is about 98% humidity, about 90 degrees F - after about an hour, I had to stop, hurl up some blueberry waffles I had eaten that morning…then continued on. LOL… Brutal.

I need to pick up a road bike. I have a tri-bike and a mountain bike…but don’t have a road bike. The tri-bike will work…and is light and fun…so I don’t have much of an excuse…

I was cycling pretty actively before I met my wife and as the crank turns, ended up dating for a short while one of the girls in our regular group rides. She was a tri. On our Weds night hammer fest, I was trying to hang on to the fast group where she was comfortably sitting in, but got chucked out the back on 2 mile hill. Great. Now I can relax and cruise back in. To my horror she came back to pull me to the group, but I was done and feeling like zone 5 just to suck her wheel. As we pulled into the bike shop parking lot, she stopped to give me a high 5, and I blew chunks all over the front wheel of her carbon Trek. We had a couple of more dates.


You romanticus you! You are truly one that knows how to woe the ladies :wink:

Anyway. I should run. I want to run. But I haven’t done the daily dump, the number 2, the stool chart. And that’s a bad bad start of a run! Shame though, air is clear and the sun is setting… Would have been gorgeous.


That totally worked for me when i was dating a Crossfit coach. Just saying.

Anybody here do yoga? Buddy of mine is trying to pull me back into Bikram.


I enjoy watching yoga… :eyes:


Count two of us.
Plus… Skeletor Yoga? :wink:

Here ya go:

Had a girl take me to her Bikram class once as a second date. I’m pretty sure it goes both ways there.

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