3rd DCS Fly-In Screens & AARs thread



Now that the png issue is sorted!



This fly in has been some great fun. Thanks to everyone who has helped me learn some of the systems on the Harrier.

From Saturday night.

@Bogusheadbox approaching behind me

@near_blind being probed…


The two most incompetent Su-30 crews I’ve ever seen on their way to ruin @Bogusheadbox and @Fridge’s day.

@Deadmeat taxiing forward

@Klarsnow and I pretending to retake Las Malvinas

@Maclean insisting upon booping me >:-|


A few shots from this afternoon

@Maclean looking sinister

I think this was @NEVO in the M2K?

Still looking good after finding some AAA

Landings are still 50/50


Not me, definitely someone else :slight_smile: I was in A10A & Su25


Thanks for the great pics, @near_blind. I can safely speak for the Black Veal Squadron when I say that we had a great time the other night.


Not to hijack the thread- but I was thinking.
You’re not the first user to report this…

I redownloaded the skin from the link I provided and tested it it was working fine.
So, I know I updated the skins after RazBam Modified something in the Mirage Texturing process and I think I warned people that skin had a problem and I corrected them.

Keyword here is I THINK I did it.

I’m sorry if this slipped under the proverbial radar- but could anyone I did a Mirage 2000 texture for, redownload and try them to see if the problem persist?



I’m really loving the Hog/Harrier shots.

Sorry to have missed the fun. RL (kids/work/Christmas light troubleshooting) jumped on me in a big way yesterday.


I loved the little flying I managed- and I’m the same time I’m sorry for the trouble I inflicted on anyone.

I’m unusually aware of my lack of self confidence and somehow I always manage to be overly awkward and incapable.
This time was due to a mix of misfortune (lost my WArthog stick so flying the A10c - my favourite airframe- was impossible) and inattention (didn’t realize people were flying with 1.5.8 I didn’t download in time).

Somehow I both look very much forward to some co-op online gaming and dread the moment it will arrive.

I’m working on it.

EDIT: somehow the best part was listening to everyone having fun. :slight_smile: Thank you all.


[laughs evily]


Hey @Maclean, If @Troll, @Fridge and @BeachAV8R don’t find out about it, I’ll add the M word to the swear filter. [laughs in a corrupt way]


There’s a video that provides context to this, but @Maclean’ll have to find the link for it.



Talking of which - @Andrew116, I edited your posts to convert the images to jpgs, it was killing us in terms of the image sizes in MBs. Sorry about the confusion. I’ve reverted the setting that allowed the corrupted DCS screenshot PNGs, so until that is fixed by ED then we’ll need to only allow JPGs from that screenshot mechanism from DCS.

Mudspike 3rd Annual DCS Fall Fly-In

Ok thanks, I’ll be on top of it next time.


Also… @near_blind


Also Chispa is my waifu