A-10C Warthog II

Oh you poor thing.

Oh you poor, poor thing!



I just scared myself looking at prices so maybe I’ll hold off for a little while :flushed:


How to set the SOI as the helmet display

Coolie up short, coolie up short.

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Damn, my mini stick has been broken for years so the coolie hat has to do the job instead, might have to employ a modifier :smirk:


@Cib I second the above upgrade. I upgraded earlier this year and it makes slewing so much smoother and more accurate. I’d say the only “downside” is the wait. It is/was about a 2 month wait from order to shipping. But might as well put in an order now to get the ball rolling. (Spoiler: It’s a PS4 controller stick! :shushing_face:)

I followed this video for installation.


Yup, worth every penny. I’d have to take a look, I might have the old sensor still around. Send you that to tide ye over.


So my workaround with modifier works. Next question can the modifier be a hotas button, I could loose the master mode button quite easily

Got the WH stick? Use the paddle switch as that’s not assigned for the A-10C’s.

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Good idea but can I make it a modifier?

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I believe so. I feel like I’ve used it before as a modifier with FC3 planes.


Should be able to, I believe that is what @WreckingCrew does!


That slew upgrade was worth its weight in gold IMO.


Certainly! I call it ‘Paddle Sw’.

I also save each and every profile. When I load them for whatever reason, if the assignment uses a modifier and it is not defined, then that line in the Controls will be red. Just open the Modifiers window and add it in.


Oh… My… God… . Where has this been since I bought my Warthog Throttle!!!

Any one having VIACOM PRO issues with the new A-10C?

I cant get a response from the airfield even though VIACOM PRO says everything was good. If i switch to another plane all is good.

Im starting to think the ARC-210 radio might have changed somethings under the hood.

This little thing has been bringing awesomeness to DCS for a while now. Love mine. It was an easy install too.


Does it feature a push button as well or do you lose that button when you mod it?

No it pushes just fine.