A DIY Radar Controller


That was fast! I ordered it on sunday…


Size comparison.

Mount the stick slightly forward of center?

The new and improved encoder knob arrived today as well!




Just turn it 180°


Turn what 180°?


“It”, duh.


Stupid me! :blush:


Now what.!?


Radar mode selector?


Nah, that’s the switch on top of the handle.
This will be a generic mode selector. Why? Because the new box has room for it. Yes it has! No, I’m not overestimating the volume of the new box, for cables and the switch… :wink:


Cleaned it up a little and put it on the rotary switch I’ll be using.

I’m thinking of painting the alu parts black…
This selector knob at least. Not sure about the big encoder wheel behind the stick.


Two component filler in the joints. Spray filler, two layers of primer and two topcoats matt black. I know! Glossiest (is that a word?) ‘matt’ black I have ever seen…
Turned out really well, I think.
Oh how I love making this stuff! :slight_smile:
Maybe I should make business of it, after all…?


Looks Good. Very much like it belongs in a pit… Add it t the box


It is gorgeous!


The best part about a re-make is that you get to do it right the second time around… Fix those nagging little problems or upgrade that what you found a better solution to, after you finished it.

Every time I build something I’m unfamiliar with I plan to build it at LEAST twice. Some things still take me several tries. - Adam Savage


Layout test.
How close can I put that selector knob?


Just mind the full travel of the stick so it doesn’t impact that knob.

Is it feasible to put it on the side of the box?


Being a radar controller, I don’t think he will be throwing around like if he was flying a tridecker ha ha


Which was the purpose of the layout test :wink:

Well…in the heat of the moment! :smile:


Since you have an eye for artsy stuff…
Should I paint the large encoder assembly, behind the stick?