A DIY Radar Controller


Sir, Yessir!


Good on the Name LOL It really is a beauty. Good Job Troll!


Have to stick with the brand name! :wink:


I… Well no not really, just trying to expand on the fun ways you can chemically etch aluminium! :wink:


I almost forgot!
You have to remove the resistor on the MISO line of the TLE magnetic sensor in order to use more than one sensor, and substitute it with a resistor on the MISO line of the controller.
I had this problem on my ConTrollR throttle box as well. Only the first sensor worked. Pretty darn frustrating, until I contacted Mega_Mozg (the author of the MMJoy2 firmware for the controller) who knew exactly what the problem was.

It’s the resistor on the left of the TLE5010 sensor in the pic.

That, and some wierd bug messing with my button assignments made for some new illustrious vocabulary being invented last night. :rage:

In MMJoy you have the hardware buttons, that are your physical switches, and then you need to tell MMJoy which hardware button it should present to windows as no.1, no.2 etc. Same goes for axes. Which one is X, and so forth.

All my buttons worked just fine (once I realized I used the wrong cable to ground one of the encoders) but the moment I assigned a hardware button, all buttons went screwy… I tried again and again, resetting everything several times, to no avail.
Then I thought "hey, I haven’t tried restarting the computer. After a restart, everything worked just great…
Go figure! :blush:


Rule #1 for Windows OS based applications…


Done… where do I send it to?


Not too pleased with the aluminium box, to be honest. It’s a multi piece design and, as it turns out, not sturdy enough. Quite small as well.

So, I have decided to get a Hammond 1590EFL box.


Oooh! A fancy cast one! I love those! Relatively heavy too for a AL part!


Me too!
This box won’t bend! :slight_smile:

It’s also bigger.
I’m always unrealistically optimistic when it comes to just how much I can fit in those boxes. “A couple of switches? Suuure!”. But then you need to fit all the wiring…

With this new box I bet I can fit a few more switches…! :wink:


So, I’m thinking like…


That’s a pretty good one.
I may have missed one bit of info… where do you get them aluminium boxes from?


Mostly Ebay. But these Hammond boxes are available at local electronics distributors in country, and at the same price I can get of ebay.


Oh nice!


The Hammonds cost more than most extruded aluminium boxes I can get on ebay. But as I have once again experienced, you get what you pay for :money_mouth:


I’m all up for quality. :slight_smile:


Me too!
I just had an Italian designer make me a sign for the joystick… :flushed:


You know your ways around Italians, you know that- right?


That’s getting a little personal :wink: