A DIY Radar Controller


@Troll:Interesting question.
First answer is,do you prefer to go for 1) coherency or 2) stylish effect?

Option 1) Look the rest of the switchology and standardize.

Option 2) Change your mind, go for coherency and go to Option 1.

#-= IMHO =-
Honestly, I’d paint the central holding element black matte, but leave the rotating parts bare metal.
The knob would benefit for a thin white line in the middle of the inclined slope, like the small rotary on the other side.


That’s a thought!
And since the trigger and encoder wheel on the handle is natural metal, the encoder wheel would match…
When in doubt, consult an artist. :man_artist:

Another question…
Skip the collars…?


Ah, the collars. Yes, yes, yes… so… the collars.

When it comes to “nice to see” stuff I follow coherency and straightforwardness.
And you did great…

When it comes to add parts for the sake of it (or almost) I go Henry Ford on it.
“Every piece you put will break” or something like that.

So you either put something really simple that can’t get stuck, it’s cheap to replace but doesn’t look too cheap and serves a proper function… go for it.
If you just think “I could totally put something there!” then my- and it’s my humble opinion here!- suggestion is don’t


I like your way of thinking!
The collars did serve a function by spreading the load and covering somewhat…imprecise…holes. Don’t really need them on this box.

I could go for countersunk screws, with a collar.
Will experiment some.


Being an IT from Mil Sims I saw my deal of good and bad engineering.
I can’t create for crap but I can see when something’s been thought through and when not.
You’re doing the greatest job so far.



So… Basically… I’m making a radar controller for the Viggen, right. So, doesn’t that make it a SAAB product?
Yeah, I thought so, and I got some bling metal 3D signs that I bought from some shoddy ebay shop in Hong Kong.

Now I will consult with the Italian Art Director, that I’ve hired for this project, to decide where to put what…



I’m all up for badges and all…
but to be honest that’s going to make your mean, lean and efficient death-conTrolling machine into the joystick equivalent of a pimped car with spinners and neon on the underside…


The bottom ones are cool actually. Would work well on the vertical side facing the user, just below the encoder assembly. But for the love of the Simming Gods put only one of the bottom ones.
Leave the top ones for the Cockpit/table or the PC case.


I could see the bottom ones going on the sides. Wouldn’t use the top ones myself, either. They’re nice though, but just no room/place for them.

Using just one of the bottom ones as recommended by kommemiute is good too though.


This is why I need your expertise! :grin:


HALT! Actually put it above the sticker I made you.
If it fits.


Do you mean on top of your sticker…? :wink:
I’m having trouble finding someone to make the sign for me. The local printshop I used the last time doesn’t even reply to my emails…


A box full o’ holes…



Oh! How do you like the new screws and collars?


I totally get the badges. Its a Saab Viggen Radar con-Troll-R . He’s gone total Swedish pride there. Go for it Troll!


Un vero capolavoro!
I’m proud of you, son. :wink:

No, really, this surpasses many items you see around sold for a lot of hard cash.
I’m awe struck.

And once the paint starts to gently chip away it’ll look ridiculously bad-a$$…


Making my own controllers have made me respect the likes of Baur, Milan, Slaw and others who make and sell their controllers.
You may think their controllers cost a lot of money.
They don’t… Trust me.


Well i mean, their products could be a lot cheaper, but not at those small lot sizes.


In my opinion going cheap is where Thrustmaster and Logitech lost it.

When I opened up my G940 Throttle to find the only reason some buttons weren’t working anymore was because some smartie saved a couple of cents on cheap leads and poor routing I got mad. Same issue with crappy potentiometers in pedals from day one.

Never owned a TM Hotas but I read of similar weakspots due to some engineering shortcuts probably due to budget restrictions.

I always had the impression that they could have made it better for a small increase in budget (relative to the base price).

Having made good experience with MFG pedals I tend to buy “boutique” controllers in the future.


My point was, leaving all things (like quality) similar, you can produce much cheaper if your lot size is big. It starts with custom made pcbs and ends at the housing. Everything gets cheaper once you mass produce it.


Awful lot of great posts here… agree with all of you.