A DIY Radar Controller


Haha yep, that’s the magic of inputs :wink:

What are you using the third state for ?


The way the Viggen module commands are set up, the trigger needs a command to go back to neutral when the first detent is released. Just releasing the switch isn’t enough. Some people are solving this with LUA editing, but I thought that since I have the option of just adding a button command to the stick, that would be easier.


No rest for the wicked…


You are a talented and resourceful guy. Very nice piece of kit.

Cib, let me show you how to beg a Swede… I will buy one if you make it Troll.

As a matter of fact, I think you make a lot of things you should sell. QUIT Your day JOB!! :slight_smile:


My thoughts as well.


Thanks for the praise! :blush:

I like the thought of starting a production line… But I know, all too well, that making a ‘job’ out of a hobby is a sure way of killing the fun of it all…


I sort of agree… it really depends what size you give to the whole affair and how well you can delegate the parts you hate the most!


Mr. Troll,
Are you familiar with the term “Cottage factory”? It means small production and usually made to order. Some people use this as a way to finance their hobby. Say you make 5 of these and sell them at “X” amount, then that could finance another project.
Just food for thought, I am by no means trying to be pushy by any means.


I’m the one who’s looking to push you around @Troll!


Making one is fun. Making two is just repetition, and hence, booooring! :wink:


But making three is fun again?


That’s just repeating the repetition. :wink:


I thought the joy would come from people saying “I used your product and I cant live without it”


Also counting the dollars… don’t forget the dollars.


I just got my Ricmotech Paddle shifters for the Logitech G29 steering wheel. They are pure motoring porn. They are bigger than stock and adjustable for different size wheels. I paid 35 bucks and they are worth every penny. I also got an adaptor to allow use of a Thrustmaster wheel with Logitech pedals. He is a clear example of a Cottage Fabricator.


Yeah, that would be cool! :slight_smile:
But…I know the flightsim community. Parts will fail. I will have to make repairs. It would only take one customer with the “I paid a lot for your product and because of this own you!” attitude to ruin the whole experience.

That said, I’d go to great lengths to help anyone wanting to copy some of my stuff…


Planning the use of the base…
Ideally I would like the stick centered in the box. That would make it difficult to fit the antenna altitude controlwheel, behind the stick.
So, maybe go for a asymetrical design, moving the stick 15mm forward…?


Big fan for the “slightly forward” team!


The designers mantra; Form follows function. Right, @komemiute! :wink:


Always @Troll … always.