A DIY Radar Controller


How about we split the work? I can happily do the final assembly but I need to buy some clamps if I want to make the trigger and aluminium rotary! :wink:


You can have my CAD files… :slight_smile:


I fully understand and respect your opinion. The “I paid so I own you” attitude is sure to ruin it for you. Still I love the design.


Pretty sure I can then 3D print the whole thing and be done with it :wink:


@Troll If it’s not too much trouble, do you have a BOM or something alike at hand? Quite interested to see what it would cost me to produce a few sticks for our Mudspike brethren, might be a fun summer project!


A what now…?


Bill Of Materials

ie: cost of all of the items


Bill of Kuban - wait, that’s not right…


“What’s that crazy sumbitch up to now…?”


I could probably make one…but I’m not sure I want to know! :wink:


haha, okay lets do an educated guess.

Gimbal unit 35$

Shapeway print, 100$

Switches 10$

PCB 20$-30$(depends a little on what fab is used, can also be done for peanuts manually :wink: )

Aluminium, bearing, springs and paint. 15$

And then there’s the PC connection. One could do it for cheap with a teensy/arduino clone(3$), but I think you used a Bodner board?

Add in transportation costs and you are looking at about 200$ I suppose? I doubt anyone here would be willing to shelf over that much money.

Although I’ve taken some large margins on parts, sourceing it in China can save considerable.


The gimbal and stick adapter was leftover from my VKB stick.
There were a lot of VKB users switching gimbals when the cam gimbals arrived. Maybe one could get hold of a few on the VKB forum?

I use Teensy2 microcontrollers. There are cheap clones available.

And in the end of the day, there will be a lot of labour involved, that will be totally cost prohibitive.

Production will require serious planning and parts need to be optimized.


Rotary encoder…

…with a load bearing…


I have a hard time figuring out it’s purpose, any hints?




Is that a cap for something that you modified? Really love the looks of that!





The finished unit.