A DIY Radar Controller


Niiiiiiiiice 🖒


I like those pretty screws a lot! Gives it a very industrial feel!


Those aluminium collars allows for slightly larger holes as well. Makes the construction a whole lot easier, and makes the design look a lot better. :slight_smile:


Ah neat, I figured it was a special washer to use recessed screws/bolts?


Yeah. I buy them off ebay. Just search for aluminium countersunk washers or socket head washers.


It’s going to be cramped in there…

Added a protective sleeve to the shift register cables, as they will follow the gimbal movements.


Makes me think of a sticker on the outer shell with the words “Periodic inspection required” :smiley:


Make the sign, and I’ll add it! :joy:


You serious?
If you’re serious I’m serious! :smiley:


Sure am! Maybe wait a few days so I can show you how the final layout will look.

Actually, later today.


Dude, I’m- like- totally ready when you are! Wooot!


How some of the calibration required stickers look in aviation:



Well, I’m totally Down To Art! :smiley:
@Troll , pick a design, tell me the size and I’m ready to go.



I added a couple of switches to the base, in addition to the two encoders. The small encoder knob is a temporary solution. I have a better, stylish, knob on order :wink:


A masterpiece! :open_mouth:


I don’t want to impose upon your creativity.
You can decide the design for yourself.

But preferably black/aluminum (black text and alu background or alu text and black background) so I can have it laser etched.

Sizewise… 20x70mm landscape, or 35x35mm quadrant?

Oh, and the name of the unit is RDR ConTrollR :slight_smile:


you can also etch it on aluminium by taping off the design and then using a vinegar like solution(acidic?) and putting a battery through it to stimulate the electrolytic process!

I could have said chemical etching but this is much better :wink:



In case I wasn’t clear, I can provide the design but I just have a normal printer- can’t produce anything too fancy!
BUT, the .PSD file or the .tiff or whatever file you may need will be the highest quality.

Sorry for any misunderstanding.


Yeah! Sure, I got that.

I can take the file to a local printshop and have them etch it for me.
Can you convert the psd to ai?


You trying to kill me…? :wink: