A farewell to my past life- towards something new


I hope this doesn’t come off as “show-off” but here… Our stuff.

Here starting at 0:52 our car being presented and at the four minutes mark it’s being tested.

Not too shabby, if I may say so myself.


Only bad part is with “ACME” on the car and in a desert-like landscape, I’m expecting a coyote to show up.


HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAAH I actually thought that too. :stuck_out_tongue:
The true meaning is this…


Automotive Challenging Motorsport Engineering


Actually, you might be surprised… :slight_smile:


Sigh… I always wanted to take my S2000 up to Willow Springs…


So on the topic of stepping into the unknown, @komemiute isn’t the only one.

A week ago, I left the consulting company I’ve worked at for the last two years, and the engineering consulting industry in general in which I’ve worked for the last six years, possibly forever. Not wanting to spend the rest of my life chained to a desk staring at AutoCAD and Revit while arguing with contractors, I’ve jumped ship to get back to working in the renewable energy industry I focused on in undergrad. So, this week this happened:


Way to go man!


Wow, congrats!
I would love to work in clean energy someday too…
Saving the world step by step


Awesome! Hey…if you ever get to deal with NC-RETS, maybe you can show me someday how to cash in the renewable energy credits I’ve earned by having my 7.5kw solar array in operation for the past five years. :rofl: I have no idea how that site works…


Navynuke wearing a tie!

Congratulations man!


Well done Ted and great headshot. Best of luck at your new gig.


Congrats Ted! Really happy for you!


Congratulations on your next adventure. :sunglasses:



Congrats! Also very happy that you get to work fighting the good fight - I’m hoping that one day I get to do the same with my skill set.


Do show off a bit. We are eating it up. We are so proud of you man. I wish you The Best of Luck. Its an amazing turn of life. I like this thread.
By the way, Im 54 and I run 4k 2 to 3 times a week. Yes, its hard on the body… So is obesity! I know at some point I will have to go to a bicycle. Get your habits changed and then worry about what exercise you want to pursue.
Love the CAR! But, im a nut for wheels and wings.
Keep on Keeping On brother!


I do believe that’s a good part of things I’ll be working with, especially if you read about Gov. Cooper’s executive order announcement this past Monday. I’m still getting spun up, but I’ll check into that.


Regarding running: 10 years ago, after suffering through typical knee, hip and back issues, I read Born to Run. After that I immediatly switched to Vibram 5-fingers. Within a week I blew out my right achiles tendon :slight_smile: But once that was over I found that I could run pain-free. Ten years hence and I have not had any running related issues. I know that years ago the luster had worn off the 5-fingers fad. Not to me, I run only with them. But there are many minimalist shoes out there that force the same stride. As long as that discipline is forced on your feet, it doesn’t matter what you wear (nor that you wear anything).


How did you deal with the achilles tendon strain? I think i might be facing the same issue.


Autumn Proudlove works with Brian Lips huh. Calling shenanigans.

Also congrats!


Also, you should complain they’re making you look short. Your head is lower down the photo than everyone else :wink: