A farewell to my past life- towards something new


So… This is it.
They done me in, big time.
In six months I’ll be jobless.

These people pulled me from a company I had 15 years of experience in to *uck me over.

Using the worst, most disgusting, loophole they have voided my unlimited time contract to force me into a six-months-limited time contract, effectively letting me hang on a noose just enough so I can breath but tight enough that any wiggle will kill me.

I have literally no way out.
And this just to cut the cost of my contract.
Possibly to squeeze what they can out of me to then let me go, in a job-market that’s all but easy right now.

The main thought I have is about my kids.

Only after that my mind goes to the lies they spat to my face to lure me in.

After these six months I might have barely enough to last two to three months.

I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming.

I’m not here for compassion or to raise an army…
I just need to vent and to find a good way to break this to my wife.

Sorry for the wall o’text.
Love you all.


That sucks! :angry:
Any chance you could go back to your old job?
Any simulator centres nearby, that could use your expertise?


That sucks. I’m not sure what way to go on that…malicious compliance or just do your best job in hopes they will reevaluate and rethink their position. Based on their behavior already though, I don’t know that they would value the effort. Best of luck and hopefully karma will come around and bite those that did this to you.


Sorry to heat that. Automotive is hell, wasn’t that bad but my career there also had a bad ending.

What is it you do exactly? Are you management? Software Engineering? Mechanical Engineering?

Depending on your field, this might not comfort you, but at least here in Austria, the IT job market is absolutely nuts. If you can code, you will find a job in a heartbeat, at the very least something to tide you over until you find something that suits you.


Sorry to hear. I was in a similar situation awhile back, and was able to go back to first job.
You should try to do the same while looking for other employment.


@komemiute firstly, that absolutely sucks. A bait and switch like that is one of the lowest things people can do. Secondly, eff those jackwagons right in the butt. They can get bent.

You’ve got skills as an artist and in IT, so there’s all kinds of things you can do. Take on some commissions to keep a line of funding in if you have to – it won’t be a lot of money, but it beats nothing until you find something.


@komemiute really sorry mate. You must be feeling really low at the moment and that’s understandable dude. But remember how talented you are and what a likeable guy you come across as. Someone will see that for what it is. Keep your chin up and keep sending out letters and looking for work don’t give up because you’ve been knocked back.
Some of my lowest moments have led to much greater things following straight after. Don’t give in mate.


Wow, that really sucks. :frowning:
I wish you all the best, you are a smart guy and I am sure you will find a way out of this mess.


Thank you again all.
My mind is not in a happy place right now.
I promise I will reply to every question ASAP.


You will prevail @komemiute. I have faith you will.


@komemiute so sorry to hear about this mate - you will be fine with your experience and the kind of guy you come across so don’t despair - that said, what an awful place to be.

It’s probably a bit too early for this chat but I’ll say it anyway, as someone who had to start a career over from scratch when I moved countries:

The important thing is, your experience and transferable skill set hasn’t gone anywhere - you’ll land on your feet, even if you don’t know exactly where yet.

Come up with a strategy, talk to people you know, to recruiters, industry contacts, everyone. Brush up your CV and make it a goal to land a great new job, turn this event to a positive. People move around jobs these days heaps anyway so a short stint somewhere doesn’t look at all bad in a CV.

Also, importantly, there’s always great positions open for great people in any job market - any job market. You don’t need to find a thousand jobs - just one.

I know you probably need to just vent now - all I’m saying is, once you’re ready, just push on, onwards and upwards. Take care and all the love.


So, let’s see…


Uhm, since my old job was with military it requires a security pass that takes more or less a year to go through- beside that while I left in good terms, it wasn’t in GOOD good terms… so I don’t really think I can go back.
I’ll keep it as a last resort.


Been thinking about this a lot. Luckily I got my neighbors that are work lawyers so I got some nice tips.
To be in line with my work ethics I will still work with my heart into it- I will loath myself but I’ll be damned to hell before I slide into the “wrong” side.


I’m a 15 year expert IT in military flight simulations.
I can handle any hardware and software without a sweat.
I’m very very flexible- I learned stuff of all sort really fast plus I’m definitely not afraid of getting dirty/sweating blood.
Coding isn’t my strongest suit, as I used to do C++ back before the simulator job but for 15 years I rarely had to type anything.
I’m picking back up a C# course that should really shape me up, plus a Red Hat Linux Certification that never hurts…
If we talk about my skill in German though… Eh… no- I’m seriously lacking. :yum:


Yup, as of now I’m browsing the market and actually is not as bad as I thought.
Plus, to be honest, one doesn’t work in the same place 15 years without getting some contacts.
I have two offers as of tomorrow that are (just) 60% sure, which isn’t really much, but still way better than nothing.

If anyone has a spare set of free fingers, cross them for me. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I received messages like this in PM and here and it really feels good.
Certainly having the right attitude helps.
I’m not a quitter- I will power-push my way through this. :wink: :+1:

Thank you so much again! :wink:

:slight_smile: Thanks, I know- I will.


This is ever so important.
Thank you for the kind words. :slight_smile:
I’m proud to report I’ve already started exactly that course of action.

I let myself one half-day of commiseration, had a cake, and now I’m back to it.


If push comes to shove, shoot me a PM and i can have a listen in Graz if that is an option. There’s a few companies that come to mind that might be hiring.

Who gives a sh**? Back when i worked in automotive, i had a colleague from India. Couldn’t have given you the time of day in German. Same in my current company, we have a guy from Bosnia who understands everything but is too shy to talk German in front of native speakers. Nobody cares. Half of the techno-babble in IT is English anyway. Don’t let THAT deter you.


@komemiute, I just want to chime in and wish you all the best for the future!


Thank you so very much! I know I probably start to sound trite by now but I mean every single word, every single time. :slight_smile:


HAHAHAHAH You gave a good laugh there! :slight_smile: Thanks.
You’re right of course.

I loved Graz. Having lived in Friuli for a decade, I really love all of Austria so- yeah! I’ll keep you in mind. :slight_smile:


Mission successful then, I had hoped to generate that little boost for you!

I can’t write a wall of text, since I wouldn’t know what exactly I’m talking about, as I just started my job journey, all the other life things, etc…

So, instead, I hope this will still help in any way!


:slight_smile: Every little helps.


[quote=“komemiute, post:123, topic:6263”]
These people pulled me from a company I had 15 years of experience in …[/quote]

kome -
This place may seem like the worst now, but in a few years you will be in a great place that this one led to.

And let’s be sure, you were ready to get pulled away!


Sorry to hear that @komemiute. Sounds like you just need to carry on, giving it your best and don’t let them know how upset you are. They probably have every intention of renewing your contract every 6 months. In the meantime, look for your next opportunity. It is always easier to find a decent new job if you are already employed. Best of luck to you!