A farewell to my past life- towards something new


Hey mate,

I know the feeling. I’ve been in a similar situation before, and it’s one of the toughest things to handle. I literally thought my life was over. In the end, the whole experience made me stronger BECAUSE of it.

One thing that kept me together is to keep repeating myself that “it can ONLY get better now. No way I’m letting this grind me down.”.

Your wife and kids will understand. They’ll never blame you for trying.


@komemiute This is so sad to hear!
Someone as friendly, talented and helpful as you deserves better! I am sure you will find whatever job you want, as you seem to have the right hard skills, social skills and mindset to achieve whatever you want.

Keep it up!


If anyone happens to have a couple of free fingers, Thursday 24th January at noon… Please cross them. :wink:


On it :ok_hand:


Crossing fingers. Let me know when I can uncross them… it’s starting to hurt a little.


In Sweden we hold our thumbs, for luck… :
It’s a way of crossing fingers as well, as at least three fingers overlap the thumb.
I think this works best for me, if it’s ok with you?


I’m so confused…

Is that it?


I love you all guys.

@Troll yes, that’ll totally work. :wink:


Sure you’re not Swedish…? :thinking:


Same here, Germany as well.


tytpong is rptyety hrad wtith croseeds fuinggers thougsh

(good luck @komemiute!)


Well, just goes to show… Clever people think alike. :wink:


I would forfeit my Austrian citizenship were i ever to say something nice about a German person. :wink:


Boooooo! :smiley: :smiley:


Relax, that joke is more on the expense of us Austrians than you know. :wink:


Yeah I know. Hence the two smiles.


Dutch guy looking very warily at this budding Austria Germany bromance…


You got this Kome


Good luck, man!


Good luck @komemiute.