A farewell to my past life- towards something new


Hey guys. I can’t thank you all enough…
It indeed went well. It’s too early to pop the Dom, but I’d say we’ll know soon enough.

As a side note, I haven’t been this serene and happy in a while.



AAAAAHHHH… [letting go of thumbs] :wink:
Glad to hear it!

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Thank god I can finally let go… Aaaaaaaah!

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“Oh no, not again” - Bowl of Petunia’s



Thank god I can uncross them now

Well done dude! Fingers cr… Never mind I’ll just wish you luck again :+1:




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For what it is worth friend.



Well, I hope things go well for you. I have been sick to my stomach reading this. Them Bastards!
You stay focused and don’t kill anyone. Keep being the good guy you are. All you want from these people is a reference for your next job.

Good Luck! I got my fingers crossed.

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Thank you. Every little helps!

I am changing my life around. I know where I am, I know where I will be. :slight_smile:



Just wondering… does anyone here know where to start if I was to pick up SAP?


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Boy, that was fast!

(That’s what she said…)

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Cmon man, things can’t be that bad. :blush:



That video makes me want to throw myself in front of a bus, my life has been such a retched waste. Well, at least there is the DCS Hornet and Weds Night Fiber :smile:



Your not alone there dude… But I plan to rectify things with my 2 Yr old boy, he’s my project now!
I’m calling him ‘project typhoon driver’

I still blame women and beer for my mistakes (definitely wasnt my fault)



LOL! Well there is that very old saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I try and apply this or a version of it as it pertains to my value in this life. :wink:

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Grass is always greener etc, plus you know what your kids look like, which is rare on the mil side. I know people who love their military career but sure comment a lot about money, life and wanting to get out and live a different life. I wouldn’t mind playing with the toys for sure, but happy not to have that life now not under 30 :wink:



Case in point: all the US DOD’s difficulty in retaining pilots.

FWIW in the 1980s they had a similar problem – all branches had difficulty retaining pilots. It was bad enough that the USAF was trying to get Army UH-1 pilots to cross over and fly A-10s.

The mil, in general, treats people as a disposable resource.



I should also add that my perspective is really only from the UK MOD and that side of things, plus things change and it’s been a few years. Would be nice to be 21 again for sure. :slight_smile:



Sadly you see that a lot in civilian life as well. At least here in .nl where the ratio of “flexible” to fixed work contracts is the highest of all of europe. And it sucks.