Aerges' DCS: Mirage F1


Cool vid! Aerges posted on their Facebook that the EE version and the Super 530F BVR missile will be added in the next Open Beta update


I am very happy with the new F1EE. The F1 is actually a pretty good fighter-bomber for an aircraft of its era/class/cost. Very fast on military power down low, good payload and decent range. The new RWR and espcially the INS give the EE another significant boost in this role.

Yesterday we did our first strikes. Low level approach directly on target, fully bombed up at Mach 0.9 on military power (that is faster than the Viggen). Performed a pop-up dive-bombing attack with Belougas on cue of the INS without the target in sight initially. In 2 two-ship sorties we took out a complete supply depot with adjecent Hawk site on the Enigma server.


Nice! Any suggestions for learning the INS, I might have missed it but I didn’t see any documentation for it.

The F1 manual has been updated with a new section at the end which details all the new systems of the F1EE, inclduing the INS.


RTFM gets me every time. Thanks!

Old school!

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It’s the working man’s style of bombing and it’s awesome.

Programming coordinates for JDAMs or playing laser tag from FL300 just does not compare :wink:


My millanial ass likes CCIP bombing best. Put the thing on the thing and pickle some love.


I love it too. Probably my fav thing to do in the game.

Real world this style has its problems; everyone with sticks, stones…spears…and of course shoulder-mounted weapons, etc has a crack at you.

Sort of related: there’s a video (documentary) of an AH-64 gaggle going into Iraq (pretty sure it was Irag, might have been Afghanistan) at night. Got the snot shot of them and if I recall it was all, or mostly all, small arms fire (blindly shooting at the noise I guess). Wish I could recall the name of this video. Was well produced. Had a female officer in the featured cockpit with the archetype burly, warrant behind her.

You are thinking of this documentary. I have this one myself in my personal library. I watch it from time to time because it is very, very good. Usually, after I watch it I get the urge to fly some DCS Apache. :slight_smile:

Here is the trailer.


YES! That’s it. My takeaway was - they need an A-10 for this.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around attack chopper ops and why they are better than a fast[er] moving (and higher flying) fixed-wing platform. Guess it boils down to time/immediacy? They basically travel with the grunts? Still researching.

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That was good. I noticed something in that video. In this particular video the MIrage F1 has the old RWR on the upper-left side of the cockpit, where the new RWR sits in the new Mirage F1. How is this so?

In the Mission Editor you can select whether you want the old or the new RWR. It is my understanding that the Spanish ALR-300 was a 1990s retrofit to the F1EE. But it is probably also a good stand in for the Iraqi F1EQ-6 which got a modern digital RWR in the late 80s.