Aerofly FS 2


What would a pirate say, do an AAAAAA AAA RRRR! :slight_smile:

(I mean do some screenshots, man alive, need some coffee this morning).


You expect me to hold a camera while flying that contraption?!


Finally jumping aboard this ship. Hard to believe it has been out for two years. Ugh…where does the time go. I have a magazine assignment that requires some additional VR perspectives, so I figured now was a good time to give it a whirl with it being slightly discounted in the Steam Sale. I’ve only been futzing with it in 2D for now until I get familiar, then will hop in VR tomorrow. I am very, very impressed with it. Smooth as silk, really nice visuals, and just overall a polished package. Picked up the Northeast (New York) and Switzerland DLC for 50% off too. Not going to go for the ORBX stuff I don’t think. I really don’t need another ORBX library on top of X-Plane and P3D. Unless they do a whole PNW area or something down the road.

I plan to review it in the coming weeks, so not much here in the way of impressions other than to say it is a super user friendly sim. It was the easiest to setup controls of any sim ever, but still has a lot of functionality and tailoring (hey…you can pull for collective!)… Neat selection of airplanes. Cockpits look pretty good. Terrain looks OK. A bit of a “I Am Legend” feel to NYC without any other movement. The target is FPS though, not a bunch of moving things that impinge on that. Not an X-Plane replacement for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was enough here for AF2 to be someone’s primary sim to be honest.

Can’t wait to check it out in VR.


I should give it another go. I tried when it first came out and it felt very bare.

One thing I didn’t realize was that they have people adding free mods for it, for things like more detailed area autogen and the like. That’s a good thing:

It could also do with some ATC and some cold n dark for more aircraft. Latest I read about that was here:


Cool. Yes…it needs that. And some air traffic. Obviously the sim has lots of room to sacrifice FPS, but I also get that is why they keep it pretty barren…


But wow…that Palm Springs airport looks gorgeous. And that is an airport I’ve actually flown into…but…no…


It is pretty neat in VR because it is silky smooth and looks great. Flying the F18 at low level in the Swiss Alps is intoxicating. Such a rush.


So I see the free Q400 is in my Steam Library, but in the sim I’m not seeing it. Maybe I need to reboot.


Ah…I think I had to manually make Steam download it. Like it was set to do so tomorrow for some reason…and not immediately. Weird.


Found these two free ORBX items:


And sorry for the spam…but just know that currently (probably ending today) the Aerofly FS 2 ORBX airports of Monterey and Palm Springs are 40% off at the ORBX site, which is way better than the Steam Sale.


Shame that Eagle Co isn’t on sale at the moment…that would be an insta-buy for me probably. I had an interesting moment there long ago in my career. I’d love a combined Eagle / Aspen scenery area. If you can fly those two approaches to mins, you pretty much have this aviation thing nailed down…


Haven’t tried this out…but I’m interested to. Free generic airports that the community must have built:


Can’t tell if I’m having so much fun with this because it’s new to me, or if it just beats the alternative of having to do real work. 50/50


So (surprise, surprise) I went ahead and bought the two ORBX airports that were on sale from the ORBX site. Palm Springs and Monterey.

Gotta love that Aerofly has a USAirways paint scheme for their 737-500. Makes the whole purchase worth it…

I don’t know if there are pushback tugs in the sim (I couldn’t find a key binding for it) so it is power-back baby…!

Not sure how functional the cockpits really are (or how to set them up for cold & dark), but lots of stuff appears to work…

Blasting off out of Palm Springs with an immediate return to the airport. Not sure how to adjust fuel levels either.

Did you fly this type of panel @smokinhole?

Next I headed over to Monterey, CA…which isn’t really set up to handle the Queen of the Skies really. Banner day for the planespotters though!

Uh…we’re gonna need to move that Q400…

Flaps 10 (?) and nothing more to do than put the power to her and see if we get off in time. Runway 10R is only 7,145’ - so we’ll see!

The tower is taking bets…

Probably going to destroy the approach light system too…

Acceleration toward Vr is looking good!

Plenty of room!

I feel like I should be carrying a load of fire retardant flying so low over these coastal California hills…

Just going to jump over the ridgeline to Salinas because I don’t have any better plan…

Hopefully 6,000’ of runway will be enough…

Did the Tower just say “cleared for the option??”

Never a doubt. I should have flown this to Pago Pago…


You inspired me to give AeroFly FS2 a whirl again. I just flew the Robinson around San Francisco… wow! they did a great job! Lots of fun to fly in VR!


Going to give VR a go this morning (I have to psych myself up for these things)…


I did keep messing around last night though…fun stuff…


I don’t know how you can play AeroFly on a 2D screen when you have two… yes TWO VR headsets sat on your desk! :wink:. Those alpine valleys are calling!


One for each eye! I’ll have 6D vision…!


You are procrastinating ;)…